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Save lives, save souls

Saving Souls

The Context

In the past month, Verlin assisted two Community Health Evangelism (CHE) teams in preparing summaries of their experiences for consideration to share at the University’s Public Health Congress in September. Excerpts of the rough draft from one village follow below. They communicate the life-giving principles of the Biblical worldview inherent in the practice of CHE principles that we mentor. Saving souls saves life.

The Cast

“T” is our community of more than five hundred inhabitants. As far as drinking water, we had a meager percentage of availability: 2.6% of the population could access clean water. In education, less than 10% of children were in school. The nearest health facility reported that 15% of the population was vaccinated. We wanted to find the factors associated with sustainable development for us.
saving lifeWe studied our community to know the above after the CHE training Verlin Anderson gave us November 20-26, 2016. Socio-demographic difficulties of health behaviors, water shortages, and development were identified using the tools of CHE with others. We found that 90.6% of the population lived with no application of any progressively sustainable system to develop themselves.
Long before we learned about CHE, we knew that we had many development problems: drinking water, education, and sanitation. The training to rely upon the Creator and ourselves, rather than initially asking or waiting for someone from the outside of our communities, freed us to do many projects. Concerning drinking water, there were only three wells available to the population. Following our first training, the church committee rose to address the situation. Today we have more than 20 wells in the village.
The church committee then joined forces to mobilize the population and find housing, a critical factor to get a teacher. We donated the pastor’s former home as a place to live near the school. Most children now attend school as we have a state-sanctioned school teacher. In health, women feared the side effect of hot bodies after their children were vaccinated. We gave the women an awareness training. Now the nurse responsible for the village says all is well.
We lead the fight every day to obtain better living conditions. We hope to achieve more with a health center, strengthening the education center, and increasing the availability of drinking water with a borehole and water pump for the well-being of the population.

The Capture

This CHE team reports above the physical or social changes that CHE brings to their community(es) for the Congress. The report does not focus on the impact of their church outreach to five surrounding villages where believers now meet to learn and worship. The Christian community of faith there has grown from 25 who attended to over 600 who currently participate in weekly services. Saving life saves souls.

Prayer and Praise
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    • Thank the Lord Debbie’s respiratory situation is much better. She returns to Tennessee on Monday and requests prayer for an uneventful trip. The 1995 Dodge Caravan she drives has ongoing a/c problems. Praise be to our God that Verlin’s leg infection seems wholly healed.
    • Pray the reports and testimonies that will be presented at the university congress to spotlight CHE will illuminate its use for public and private healthcare. We seek professionals who decide to work collaboratively with faith communities around the nation using CHE to physically and spiritually transform their communities. In the process, we expect many to change as they grow to know the Source of scientific knowledge. Both testimonies submitted were approved for presentation.
Your Partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie
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