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Salt Works

Another university Community Health Engagement (CHE) training is history. We thank the Lord for a great week with excellent collaboration in the training team and with the university. As was true in previous years, there were trainers who could not come last minute because of work conflict. Still, every trainer stepped up to help fill in the voids, and we had much less stress this time. The president of the university sent a letter singing the praises of the CHE outreach which was read during the closing ceremony. She wrote that this training has enabled the university to already bring visible change and improvement in several locations. It is their goal to touch 100 villages with CHE transformation!

A story from one of the classes this year serves as an example of the kind of worldview change that students begin to understand. One of the TOT1 classes (phase 1 of CHE) had a mix of medical professionals and simple villagers from three of the villages where CHE is being introduced. After the introductory session, one university student told our trainer she did not think she could learn if she stayed in the class with uneducated villagers. She wanted to be transferred to the other TOT1 class that did not have outsiders. Our trainer convinced her to give it a try for a day or two, and if she still felt the same way, he would ask to have her change classes. By the next day, after seeing how everyone worked together in small groups and found solutions no matter their status or education, she came back to the trainer. She shared that the village people had become her friends and she did not want to switch classes! This type of testimony is repeated over and over again in CHE settings across the world. Participants learn that the best solutions to problems in communities happen when members from all ethnic groups, ages, and social strata unite their resources, wisdom, and experiences for the good of all. Century-old barriers and prejudices can crumble in just a short time of applying biblical truths and principles. The church of Jesus Christ gives savor to the world just as salt transforms or preserves what we eat.

Prayer and Praise:

  • Thank the Lord with us for the lives impacted this week. Pray that many CHE outreaches will result from the week-long training at the university. Community Health Evangelism trainings (also still CHE) among churches use similar approaches so this event continues to open doors so that many others may effectively share the Gospel too.
  • We both have malaria that kicked in at the end of the week. Ask for rest and recovery on Sunday before we begin a week full of follow-up meetings and organization for next year.
  • Praise the Lord for the wonderful believers at Arc-en-Christ who receive the CHE team every year and provide incredibly food and lodging for us all. Dr. Luc and his wife Deborah have a flourishing ministry of marriage restoration, among several other ministries, and their center where we stay is clearly a place of peace and hope. They are amazing models and servants in the Kingdom.

Your partners in the Gospel,

Verlin and Debbie


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