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From Drs. Daniel and Priscila Cummings, CHSC Physician and Obstetrician serving at Kalukembe Hospital in Angola

Lately, we’ve had lots of very sad stories recently…with moms and babies dying. But even in these times God is faithful to give us glimpses of hope. Zamaica Dungula is a baby who brought us so much hope recently! His mom died a few days ago and he too was looking like he was about to die also, but with more intense nutritional supplementation, antibiotics and more love he’s doing really well! Nurse Esperanza (HOPE!) was holding him this morning and I asked “why?” (She doesn’t even work in this ward and wasn’t feeding him.) She said “well I think he was needing some love.” Then a few minutes later a short very dark lady walked in and brought him a fresh diaper. I asked who she was and she said (without a moment’s hesitation) “He’s my son!” I was confused and asked “well didn’t his mother just die?” and she nodded and I asked again “well who is he to you?” She said again without hesitation “He’s my son!” She has taken this newborn as her son, even while she has an 8 month old on her back! There is now a lot of hope and love for this little boy, and God has used him to restore our hope.


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