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Family Roots


Anderson-Hawkins Family
mid-1970s living room photo by church-family Friend Bob Wilson

Never underestimate the power of going home and reconnecting with family and friends. People who grow up in stable nuclear and extended families in a culturally diverse locale during their formative years are extraordinarily blessed. These individuals tend to have psychologically deep roots, confidence in life, and security in who they are. Verlin is such a person. He lived in the same house until college, attending the same church all those years. Returning to Warren, Michigan, brings a flood of happy or meaningful memories to him, reminders of routines that formed his character, and a host of encouraging people to visit. Debbie loves the insights she gains from the interesting stories she hears about the Michigan boy of Tennessee and Arkansas heritage that she married! No family is perfect, but family roots like these are a treasure. They enrich generations, too, as children and grandchildren observe the stability and connections such a life provides.

Biblical Roots

Never underestimate the power of going to Scripture and re-reading the story of Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection. Just as physically going home for the holidays can renew precious memories, or help refocus priorities, “going home” to the Biblical account of Jesus’ time on earth offers comfort, hope, stability, and guidance. Relish even the minute details the Lord chose to reveal to us. Bathe in the wonder of His family history and love story intended to include us all.

Transplanted Roots

Never underestimate the power of transplanting your life roots into fertile soil, especially if your family roots were less than ideal. Sadly, many people have very different memories than the idyllic setting described above. Their families were broken, or nomadic, or abusive. Reflections about their childhood are scary, or debilitating, or unhealthy. The wonderful news of the Gospel is that there is hope, even in those cases. Any person can take the scarred and starving roots of their unhealthy past and transplant them into the rich and nutritious soil of life in Jesus’ family. Praise God that our past does not have to define our future! May we all grow our healthy roots deeper in Scripture and obedience each day. May we daily help those with deformed roots find a new home in Christ where they can bloom. Merry Christmas, dear friends!

Prayer & Praise:

  • Thank you, Father, for the very clear and detailed account of Your Son’s first coming. We are in awe and overwhelmed by the salvation and family position it provides for us. It makes us confident that the promise and description of His second coming are also accurate. We live in that total assurance and hope.
  • Pray with us for those who have lost precious family and friends in death. Christmas is a very painful season for them. Let us reach out to one or more with acts of love and prayer.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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