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India – Raju’s Story – a second chance at life

One recent patient is a thirteen year old boy who we will call Raju (name changed).  Two or three years ago, some other children poured kerosene all over his body and struck a match to it. As a result of this tragic event, Raju suffered burns over seventy percent of his body, and was not expected to live. Only by the grace of God did he survive. Raju had received initial treatment after the incident but, due to the severe burns, the surrounding skin began to pull together, resulting in contractures. This scarring has caused restriction of movement, especially in his face and neck, arms and hands.
Raju’s family could not afford the cost of extensive surgery. In addition, the extent of the burn contractures made treatment challenging. His parents made many attempts to get medical help for Raju, only to be disappointed by doctors and hospitals who said, “Sorry, there is nothing we can do for your son!”  Persistently, and not willing to take no for an answer, their pursuit for medical treatment led them to the Bangalore Baptist Hospital.


Raju and his family were very happy to finally find a hospital where he could get treatment. However, due to extent of the burn contractures, the surgical team had great difficulty inserting a tube down his throat which was necessary before Raju could undergo surgery. Every attempt to do so failed. Following prayer, Raju was brought back on another day for surgery and, this time, the tube was able to be inserted without any problem whatsoever. Derick recently carried out a second operation to increase the mobility in his hands and Raju is doing well.

Even after having been through severe pain and difficult treatment, Raju is a brave boy who always remains positive and is thankful to God. He has been a source of inspiration to both his family and the hospital staff.




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