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Pursuing Strength

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Pumping Grace

When pursuing strength by pumping iron, the phrase of ‘no pain, no gain’ gets frequently heard. The refrain pushes a modern fallacy. Since returning stateside, we visited with a dear nephew who learned the lie of the phrase when one of his pectoralis muscles snapped from overexertion.

This is not unlike an ancient refrain: “the blood of martyrs is the seed of the church.” Taking refuge in hopes that Christians enduring increased persecution worldwide will grow the Church also pushes a proven false idea. When Tertullian seeded the idea in Apologeticus, he could not know the later history of his church in Africa overrun by Islam nor that of the Nestorian church in Asia. Knowing what disciples know of world fashioned to manage and be managed by Jesus’ Word [Jn.1:1; Co.1:15-19; Ro.8:19; 1Co.6:1; secularist misunderstanding], we tweak the famous phrase of the Roman jurist and apologist after this week. Christian blood may be the seedbed or dirt in which Gospel witness gets displayed, but the planted seed is God’s Word expressed in word and deed. We pray for political peace so that God’s grace in the public domain enables and equips the pursuit of personal, interpersonal, and commercial peace as an emergent church grows and strengthens in a given region.

Multiplying Grace

This week reaffirmed and strengthened the mutual service of Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) medical missionaries in pumping God’s Grace for others. We are getting worked out as we see it multiplying! Debbie and I sense our “saws” of service being “sharpened” even as we prep ourselves to sharpen others, trusting human “iron” to sharpen “iron” during the coming scheduled Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training. Licensed medical witnesses of Christ’s authority sent by the CHSC agency are four times more than when we joined in December 2013. Barriers to witness like diagnosed psychiatric weaknesses fall as God’s grace in human weakness stakes out new front frontiers for improved oversight, increased growth, and efficient service. Clinicians with whom we rub shoulders push financial excellence at over twenty institutions while developing and demonstrating best practice guidelines in far more than the affiliated facilities of service where CHSC doctors, nurses, and therapists serve.


January 2020 CHSC Orientation

We share this photo-video link of thanksgiving as a Sabbath celebration of God’s activity among us. God’s Grace is shared with many others by your faithful partnership. Be assured the numbers are deliberately rounded down, significantly so in several cases. Current growth outstrips organizational abilities to measure impact accurately. It helps to limit overstating the case of the ongoing medical-missions revival. May God bless your joy in reviewing the video linked by our CHSC logo here.

Prayer & Praise

  • Reported EOY donations raised our operating account balance above the return threshold. We’re about halfway to our balance for returning. Thank you! Praise the Lord! We learn from others how to help you help us to share God’s Provision for all (Ph.4:17-19).
  • Pray our follow-up with Ivorian CHE practitioners meets God’s expectations. We fail our own.
  • Ask that the Iranian revival sustained by DBS practice in Iran spreads through W Africa too.
  • This orientation and debrief of CHSC personnel will salt many. We have received much more already than we anticipated with retooling, reporting, and reflecting. Pray the CHE TOT1 training occurring January 20-24 at the Shalom Retreat Center potentiates every participating witness.

Your partners the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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AWA represents Andersons Witness in Africa.
AWA is also a brand of bottled water in Cote d’Ivoire where we serve
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