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Persist in Prayer

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Eternal Viewpoint

At times, it is easy to grow weary after waiting a long time for an answer to prayer. Could it be we get preoccupied with our immediate perspective, rather than resting in the Lord’s eternal viewpoint? Verlin recently connected a new friend, L., in Cote d’Ivoire with an experienced Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainer. For years we had prayed to partner with a person who would champion the cause of the disabled. For years L. had prayed for a tool to minister effectively to the physically impaired.

Earlier this week, L. emailed. “I was able to meet R. at my home, and I am filled up after our conversation. This is an answer to prayer regarding holistic development. I am thankful to God and you for this great work, and for F. who made it possible for us to meet.” We are eager to see how the Lord will equip L. to multiply his effectiveness in the Kingdom!

External Evidence

Similarly, Verlin encountered an Ivorian believer in a bank line in 2013. As they conversed, she mentioned that she and her husband had prayed for years for someone to show them how to integrate the physical and spiritual in community development. That conversation launched the CHE partnership with the public health department at the university. Seven years later, CHE principles are impacting the success of efforts in malaria prevention, tuberculosis intervention, and the way health workers approach a community.


January 2020 CHSC TOT1

During the CHE training this week at Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC), several participants shared how the timing of the training, the chosen Bible study passages, or the presented CHE method answered questions they had asked or gave some clarification of how to proceed. In addition, during a debriefing with our mission’s member care, we experienced an answer to prayer specifically, too. Certainly, your ministry partnership is a conduit the Lord uses to answer many prayers. Thank you so much!

Prayer & Praise:

  • We were thankful to catch up with several Ivorian co-laborers this week. We had tried to reach them before and not been able to get through. It was also a great blessing to see college friends in Dallas on Sunday.
  • Last week’s orientation and debriefing, and this week’s CHE training, finished well. Please pray with us for the CHE participants as they evaluate how they can use CHE to have a greater integrated spiritual and physical impact in ministry.

Your partners the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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