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Pediatric Victories

We have had a run of amazing recoveries from extrapulmonary TB, close to 14 cases!  It is such a blessing to see kids recover their strength and ability of play, gain weight, and for some to walk again.  I am reminded of how miraculous the human body is.  One little boy whose name is Emmanuel is recovering from TB meningitis.  He had a classic presentation of the disease complete with nerve palsies, inability to swallow, seizures….scary stuff.  After weeks of treatment and a few setbacks he is recovering slowly.  After almost 2months of nasogastric feeds he regained neurological function enough to swallow again.  Absolutely amazing!  There have been 7 other kids just like this who have recovered.  Our number of pediatric hospitalizations increases in July due to malaria and many get diagnosed with chronic infections.
Sometimes families communicate a profound sense of thankfulness to me and it all feels worth it.  I am just an instrument God is using to further His kingdom and blessing here.  It is an sacred honor to care for the physical body.  To see these recoveries makes it all worth it!


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