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Oxygen Flow

Have you ever thought about where the oxygen supply in a hospital comes from? Think of your last hospital visit to a patient who required O2. The doctor or nurse simply plugged the oxygen mask into a port in the wall and oxygen auto-magically appeared. Right?

Isaac and Anne Hotz share how oxygen is attained and delivered at Hospital Loma de Luz in Honduras.







The photo above shows a plastic green tube that is spanning the hallway from one room to the next. That is oxygen. We recently have been able to start using an oxygen concentrator machine (the size of small car) to provide some oxygen to our patients that need it. It is not installed everywhere, so we had to get creative.

Here it is plugged in to the wall in another room. At the moment this picture is being taken, it is supplying oxygen to an 84 year old lady who had colonoscopy done at an outside facility and they accidently perforated her colon (put a hole in it). She was taken for emergent surgery at our hospital to repair the hole. Post operatively, she was septic and had fluid filling her lungs, thus needing the oxygen to keep her alive.


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