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Owning It

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Owning it — Academically

Owning CHE allows advancement - ExpositionWho could imagine when we came that the premier university of Cote d’Ivoire would promote and expand Community Health EngagementOwning CHE allows advancement - 1st-CHE-Scientific-Congress, an outgrowth of Community Health Evangelism (CHE)? That a team of trained academics and medical professionals would begin more than five CHE projects that they oversee themselves? God has added many as the growing Ivorian CHE Network has facilitated CHE training at the university for six years. We continue to develop relationships with over two-hundred healthcare professionals in the process. Their owning it permits social advancement beyond academics.

We look forward to repeating the process using three levels of training again this year in September. For the first time, the university will host a two-day scientific congress of up to a thousand attendees before the training. CHE practitioners will share their experiences. They aim at equipping professionals throughout West Africa to participate, train, and support those learning to use CHE strategies.

Owning it — Agriculturally

At the Pastors’ Collective of Tuesday, Verlin was surprised and glad to hear announced a one-day seminar on raising mushrooms. Getting this together and promoting it was the work of a CHE and Discovery Bible Study (DBS) ministry partner who we trained. While leading several DBS, he also realizes that Ivorians need additional agricultural savvy to feed their families and support Kingdom work. Improving every aspect of life is the hallmark of wholistic CHE ministries. Owning CHE allows advancement in economies.

Owning it — Spiritually

Since returning this week, Debbie has enjoyed hearing news from another of our DBS trainers that we trained. He leads a study for children as well as one for adults. He reported that the children’s group runs around fifty and that he has begun a new activity. When the children request prayer for a parent or sibling who is sick, this trainer has owned the opportunity to visit the home and pray for the sick. The adults receive him eagerly, glad for him to pray. They express gratitude for the practical health advice their children bring home as well as the Bible stories and principles they share. He believes the door has opened for him to start an adult DBS with some parents in the neighborhood, most of whom are not believers.

In an adult DBS that he began in the past and which is now led by another, there is a teen girl who regularly participates. She owned the responsibility of sharing Truth with her schoolmates last year by starting a DBS with them between classes. Although quiet and unassuming, she dares to believe that the Lord can use her to share the Gospel at school. Several other young people do the same. Individuals owning CHE allows advancement of God’s Kingdom. Examples like these from people who we have trained are a great joy and the aim of our ministry!

Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for the teens who reach out to their schoolmates in starting DBS. Ask that others learn to share the Gospel in this way.
  • Pray for Ivorian pastor George T. whose church hosted last year’s Million Village Challenge. He recovers from a severe case of malaria.
  • Pray for the university CHE team and their upcoming activities and meetings to promote and expand CHE in Cote d’Ivoire. We need prayer for our part of the preparation and training, too. September remains one of the most physically and financially draining months in our ministry. It is worth it, but the pace and costs challenge us while we are blessed with extraordinary fellowship. We will be in Abidjan for about five weeks.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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