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Verlin just returned from meetings with the National Association of Free Will Baptist churches of which we have been members incovenant (see PDF p.7) since childhood. The speakers and breakout sessions showed the diversity of ministry needed as Christ’s Kingdom advances on earth. The heritage still provides guidelines for us. Diverse subjects covered included elements thattreat the whole person in relation to his spiritual, mental, social or physical environment as does Community Health Evangelism (CHE): meditation, worldview development, prayer, Bible study, interventions for child soldiers and school shootings, evangelism, counseling, branding, leadership development, salvation, church growth and many others. Verlin appreciated a longtime friend’s reasoned rejection of Physician Assisted Suicide that led to a group affirmation of the Christian Medical and Dental and Associationdecision process.

Some people think meetings like these for discussion and re-connection are a waste of time unless concrete goals like gifts or rewards are received. To us, while the overdoing of meetings often leads to counter-productive self-centered promotion, the regular exchange to meet old and new acquaintances is necessary. Just as regular Hebrew festivals refreshed daily obedience, good meetings also help maintain shalom, the spiritual and physical health that is exponentially promulgated by CHE. They provide opportunity to deflate misunderstanding and improve performance. It’s about the prevention of illness in social relationships. The Benjamin Franklin proverb that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ rings truer every day. Modern healthcare that is also based upon the Judeo-Christian worldview returns to similarly holistic and value-based delivery systems of care. Just as Jesus did not do for others what they were designed or responsible to do themselves, but stepped in to assist practically or miraculously when the individual’s capacity was lacking, so medical care evolves today. This same process undergirds the practices explained and expressed in nursing by theself-care theories of Dorothy Orem andculture care thoughts of Madeleine Leininger. We find it best to invest the time of our now annually required absence from the field of service to dialogue with God, ourselves, others, and creation, and so improve our modeling of the Gospel presented through CHE.


Missionary kids face a wide range of adjustments as they move to a foreign culture to live. Pray for their spiritual, emotional, and physical protection. They often become targets for various abuses while trying to be good witnesses as their parents work.Corbin has now completed all classes and will officially receive his engineering degree! Please pray with us that he pass his FE exam and finds a job that is a good fit.

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