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It is interesting how many websites these days send a pop-up message that can be clicked and then an on call person offers to give assistance and provide further information. Our house has certainly felt like a Help Desk this week. There has been a stream of friends and strangers flowing in and out daily, although we had hoped to hole up and get time-sensitive mission paperwork turned in! Debbie held a women’s Bible study, Verlin returned to the field of the CHE agricultural project, and he spent over 20 hours counseling CHE and DMM co-laborers. Thursday morning he joined the monthly gathering of evangelical pastors in the area where he was able to share about upcoming ministries and hear of their joint plans and accomplishments. The Lord blessed all the pre-planned and impromptu encounters with success as we remainedon call. Thanks to some late night and early morning work, the paperwork was turned in too!

Then on Friday, the tables turned, and WE needed someone on call. Verlin woke up in the morning with serious pain in his right groin area that felt just like that of a kidney stone he passed previously. Since his two prior experiences in 2000 and 2016 landed him in the hospital, Debbie began throwing together a bag of clothes. She thought we would probably end up making a seven hour trip to Abidjan with Verlin in agonizing pain. Instead, he researched the names of the medications used previously, found equivalents, and Debbie found an on call pharmacist who bent over backwards to listen and help. Verlin took the meds, including self-injecting a shot for pain, and his symptoms were relieved by nightfall. Praise the Lord!

Prayer and Praise:

Thank the Lord for His help with Verlin’s health need. Pray that this problem is eliminated for good.Corbin, our younger son, faces a very difficult work environment at the company where he interns in electrical engineering. There is no problem with his job performance, but ask the Lord to give him strength and insight to handle a serious situation that escalates weekly.Pray for the financial needs of a Christian widow here in Bondoukou. Because her extended family is of another faith, she cannot depend on them for help. Ask that believing friends in her life will give wise counsel sustained by the Holy Spirit and appropriate help with a business she is trying to develop.Continue to pray for spiritual strongholds to be demolished in the village where the agricultural project is under way.Your partners in the Gospel,

Verlin and Debbie


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