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Challenge of Caring in Remote Locations

I (Lindsey) am caring for a very special young girl named Jemima with nephrotic syndrome (a kidney disease where you lose protein in the urine) that I think has been caused by tuberculosis. She has been in the hospital for the last 4 months and has become dependent on steroids to control her disease. Her medical regime is just too complicated to follow at home, so we wait for a drug called “tacrolimus” which was special ordered from India. I hope to receive the medication this week and start it in hopes of tapering her steroids slowly. This drug has made quite the journey, as it is simply not available in central Africa.

Here is the laborious journey the medication must make:

  •       We contact a nephrology and critical care colleague about this patient.
  •       A colleague in Ohio special orders Tacrolimus from India with plans to hand-carry the drug into Congo.  We hope that it will arrive in time.
  •       My colleague’s children get sick and have to delay their flight to Congo by 3 days, during which time the drug arrives.
  •       Flight to Kinshasa
  •       Lindsey contacts about 6 people with various connections to Kinshasa.  Samaritan’s Purse agrees to help coordinate the transport of this medication.
  •       Since there is no official mail system, UNHCR contacted to carry the drug across the Congo from Kinshasa to Bunia.

Pray for Jemima-for this drug to arrive and for her recovery from nephrotic syndrome.


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