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Returning to Nyankunde

“I think that there is not a single place on earth that Jesus wouldn’t go to reach somebody.” Christian Health Service Corps surgeon Dr. Warren Cooper and pediatrician Dr. Lindsey Cooper could have abandoned their work as medical missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo – one of the world’s

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The Great Story

Our world needs a great story today! As believers, we know the single great story that gives hope to
every person. Yet, sometimes it daunts believers to understand how to share the big picture with others.
Practical video tools exist for equipping believers to quickly, simply, and effectively share the scope of hope
in Christ. Some excellent examples are prepared by Christian brothers and sisters in France . . .

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Language Learning Lessons

  Hello, friends and family! 🙂 I hope you are all doing well and starting to see signs of spring and sunshine back in the blustery Midwest (or wherever you are)! It is beautiful here with the trees blossoming already! I think March might just be my favorite month here!

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