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“Doc, can you help our son, Philip?”  While I was standing at the bedside, one of Philip’s caregivers had asked me this question.

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Childhood Malnutrition: Community-Based Care and Support – Part 1

There is no greater challenge to child survival in the developing world than malnutrition. Managing malnutrition is outside the realm of normal practice for healthcare professionals trained in western countries. As such, it needs to be something health professionals planning to work in the developing world context need to review regularly.  

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To speak up…or be silent

So this is my first blog and here’s the thing… I’ve said before I would never blog because I don’t feel like I have much to say to the world that is not already known. I often prefer to listen to those around me and hear what they are trying

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Pediatric Victories

It is such a blessing to see kids recover their strength and ability of play, gain weight, and for some to walk again.

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Life and Death Decisions

I have the amazing God-given privilege of working with some of the most amazing doctors in the world who have left their families and homes behind to follow God’s calling to care for the physically and spiritually broken in another country.

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Last Saturday morning after the university training finished on Friday, Verlin, Dayo, and three Ivorian CHE association trainers accompanied Professor Luc and most of his university team to Kodiokro. A few hours from Abidjan, the village of more than an hundred families is home to one of their fledgling CHE efforts.

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HAIR FAIRIES I have discovered my super power. I wasn’t born with it, but it gradually manifested itself in my young adulthood, and is now full-fledged and powerful. I really didn’t know what I had, however, until just recently… It all started one afternoon, when I received a text, from

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The final weeks of summer were a bit of a whirlwind and we have now bid farewell to summer with it’s long, warm days and have definitely moved into fall. Foggy, cool mornings await us, yellow leaves are popping up on more and more trees, the bright greens and yellows

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Learning to be a doctor and clinican in Kenya is a bit different than in the USA, but the fundamentals of human character are not. 

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