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New Rhythms

New Rhythms

Hello friends and family! I cannot believe that two months have already passed since the last time I wrote you! I am happy to report that life here has been good! Of course there are all the same challenges, but little by little they are lightening. Reflecting on the last two months has made me realize that I have been able to enter more into the community here and that I am settling into a rhythm with hospital work. I do not feel as new anymore, which is a good thing! Two months ago, I had not even started working in the clinic area of the hospital, and now I can say that I really enjoy it and am getting more comfortable with performing ultrasounds and charting in Spanish (things I never had to do in Chicago!). I even had the opportunity to give a teaching session on fetal monitoring, which was a huge success! Success because I was able to give the presentation with my measly Spanish and because the hospital had previously done little to no fetal monitoring (yes, crazy to think about, especially coming from the States!) but now I have seen actual changes in practice!! Of course change takes time, but I am optimistic and excited to keep teaching/modeling best practice in real time.

Giving the presentation

Baby that I caught just an hour before the teaching session


I am also excited to report that I have been working with the hospital directors in terms of important OB and women’s health medication and critical lab tests that would be beneficial for the hospital to have. We even bought a new (to us) labor and delivery bed, which I am beyond excited about!! The current one is completely non-functional, stuck in a lithotomy position without a lower half to the bed…. which is how I NEVER caught babies in the States, unable to assist the mom in position changes (which can be critical to a baby’s health), and so against my midwifery soul! So please pray that it is able to make it across the border at the end of June without any difficulties!

Baby that I caught in my sweaty running clothes on a Saturday! (came a little faster than expected, haha)


I also have continued to take part in the mobile clinic and really enjoy helping out in the pharmacist role when we see general patients. Please pray specifically for the mobile clinic as my dear nurse roommate Haley along with the Ebbens (when they are in Mexico) were given full responsibility to keep it running when the last doctor left. It is a lot of work and even harder when nurses have to play the role of provider! Yet it is such a beautiful ministry to reach further out communities with medical care accompanied by a message/time of worship from a pastor.

Mobile clinic in Guitarrilla

Performing an ultrasound on a woman in Santa Rita

Visiting a pregnant lady in El Yamuco (She gave me a whole bag of pinole that she had made (a common food staple consisting mainly of ground corn) as a gift after my prenatal visit with her!)


As far as life outside of medical work, we said goodbye to a beloved missionary family at the beginning of May. They served here for many years as a nurse and pastor of the church here in Samachique. Jackie was also one of my Spanish teachers and I really enjoyed getting to know her over coffee and ‘porching’ every Friday. 😊

Hospital community bidding farewell

Having dinner together four days before they left (From left to right: Josefa (my housemate), Anya, Jackie, Misa, and Emma (Haley joined after her hospital shift))


Two days later we celebrated Raque’s birthday, my other Spanish teacher, who doesn’t get enough recognition for all the work she has poured into the hospital community every day for years!

Here we are making a peach pie together (her ‘birthday cake’ request)


I also have been going to a women’s Bible study and youth/young adults group at church (my roommate Haley is a leader of that group). I have loved the women’s study and the youth group gives me ample opportunity to practice my Spanish listening (and some speaking, lol) skills.

The youth/young adults group on a hike to a cave


We also have regular visitors to our house to enjoy a cup of coffee and chat. Francisco (an elderly man from Samachique who has been a patient before), Cornelio (who comes selling beautiful crafts made by his wife and daughters), and Reynaldo (the hospital’s long-term quadriplegic patient who now has regained some strength in his arms and loves meandering about the hospital campus in his electric wheelchair). Reynaldo probably comes more for my nurse roommate Haley and the free coffee, but I enjoy it regardless. 😊 In addition, I got to know a lady named Marta and she wanted to sew me a full Tarahumara outfit!

Reynaldo enjoying his regular coffee and boasting his hand dexterity

Marta bringing me the final product!


Looking back to even before I came here, reading some of my old journal entries from my vision trip in October 2020, it is pretty amazing to see how God has led me to this new life and these new rhythms that I had only dreamed about before. Of course there are many struggles and a lot of things do not look exactly how I imagined they would be, but those difficulties do not compare to the deeper joy of living out God’s plan for one’s life. I hope you all as well are able to take time to reflect on where God has you and the beauty of walking with Him through whatever your circumstances may be. Additionally, thanks to many of your prayers and support, the Lord’s faithful sustenance, and my ever-encouraging roommate Haley, my language learning journey continues and times of despair have been less and less. There is still so much more to learn and adapt my ears to, but I am remaining optimistic and grateful for all the support.

Haley and me celebrating my first birthday in Mexico by returning to Sinforosa, where we went together during my vision trip in October 2020


Below I list some specific prayer points. As always, please let me know how I can be praying for you! Thank you for your support!!

Prayer points:

  1. Language learning, always language learning…
  2. Continue to have teaching opportunities in the hospital
  3. Praise for new labor and delivery bed and that there would be no problems transporting it across the border
  4. Mobile clinic future, ability to continue without a provider, all the logistical details
  5. Continue to get to know the people in my hospital, home, and church community

Until next time 😊


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