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At times it is hard to decide how personal to get in these updates. We want you, as ministry and prayer partners, to know our challenges and victories in ministry, and to perhaps grow in understanding the challenges that confront those doing long-term international work. Do we mention this particular trial, or would that be whining? Can we share a specific person’s spiritual journey, or will it abuse privacy or lead them into temptation? And then there is the stark reality that much of our life is not exciting, but totally mundane. Get the Internet going, work hours through red tape for residency papers, bleach the vegetables, find a natural mosquito repellent that really works, and so on. Bright spots of answered prayer and significant advancement in the Kingdom punctuate the long stretches of pressing on through daily routines.

We arrived home in Cookeville to a water leak, two vehicles to upkeep for safe travel, a fallen tree to be removed, and a few drip strips ripped from our home’s roof in stormy weather. Both vehicles are in the shop as we write, but the water is running again, and we progress on the other tasks. In the midst of mundane activities that pile up because we are in the States infrequently, the Lord continues to open doors and bless. Verlin had a personal and in depth spiritual conversation with an auto technician. Another shop’s owner repaired an exhaust problem for free saying it was the least he could do to help others who assist others. Debbie learned from her surgeon of a cost-saving option for medical care in the future, should our insurance change. “Mundane” life truly is the hallowed ground that our Father orchestrates to connect people and accomplish His will through us all.


Pray for the technician at the car repair shop who heard the Gospel clearly.Pray for people in certain areas of Abidjan where serious flooding occurred.Ask for resolutions to needed repairs before Verlin returns to Africa on May 28.Pray that we, and you, never lose sight of the Lord at work through the mundane.

Your partners in the Gospel,


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