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Bill and Beth Geers, Andrew’s parents, just completed a week visiting us in Honduras. This trip was almost a year in the making as they had originally planned to visit us last December. That trip had to be put on hold due to civil unrest that ensued after a contested presidential election. During their trip, they were able to see many different facets of our lives in Honduras. The main takeaway that my parents got from there visit was just how awesome of a community we have here in Honduras and how God is using that community to change lives. Here are some highlights from their trip.

After about five hours of plane travel, an hour and a half ferry ride from Roatan and an hour car ride from the port in La Ceiba, my parents made it to Loma de Luz. We were able to set up time for them to read to some of the classes at the El Camino Bilingual School, currently with students from pre-K to 6th grade. The students enjoyed having new people engage with them. My parents were impressed at how well behaved and smart the children were which is a testament to the awesome teachers who serve on the staff. The school is not only training the future leaders of Honduras but is providing a biblical foundation for them to build their lives.

My parents also got to tour and meet some of the 30+ kids, age infant to 18 years old, who call the Sanctuary House Children’s Center their home. They spent one on one time with our mentee, Marta, who lives at the Children’s center and got to celebrate her birthday in person, even though it was a few weeks late. Marta loves to read and one of her favorite books is called “God Made You”. My parents were able to give her the second book in the series called, “God Made Light”, as well as a few other books and a small backpack to carry her “non-school” books. Now her and that bag, and her books for that matter, are inseparable.

Of course my parents also had time to shadow us in the hospital. They were able to see how the terapia clinic I work in would not run without the hard work of Fiery and Gerson, two Hondurans who I have been training to provide our patient’s with exceptional care. My dad even got to help me put on a cast for an 8 month old boy who has club foot. He will continue to have his cast changed every month until his foot deformity improves or he is old enough for surgery. They also got to see Alisa in action both in clinic and in triage. Alisa and the medical staff work very hard to provide care and minister to a wide variety of patients on a daily basis.

We were blessed to have my parents visit and were happy that they could experience our life in Honduras first hand. We are also grateful that we can share this season of our lives with you through this blog. I think a slogan for Hospital Loma de Luz could be, “More than a hospital”. In order to give you a deeper sense of the three main ministry’s that happen at Loma de Luz I have attached links below to videos which give a glimpse of the community and ministry that happens here in Balfate every day. These are ministries which you help sustain through your prayers and financial support.


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