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Latin America Staff

Christian Health Service Corps is a community of Christian doctors, health professionals and health educators serving the poor in places that have little or no access to healthcare. Every day we bring compassionate, life-saving health services to families around the world.  CHSC physicians and health professionals are often the only access to care for young families in poor communities.

Latin America

Dr. Judith Blumhofer

HondurasPediatrician - Loma de Luz Hospital

Mission: Judy has served as a pediatrician at Hospital Loma de Luz since August 2012. Her mission is to provide quality, compassionate care to the children of northern Honduras, forming relationships with families and other nationals as a means to sharing the wonder of the Gospel in a holistic manner.      


Grey & Carrie Brothers

Samachique, Chihuahua, MexicoMusicologist and Physician Assistant - Hospital Misión Tarahumara

Carrie and Grey Brothers are a Physician Assistant (PA) and Musicologist team serving with CHSC in coordination with Hospital Misión Tarahumara, a mission hospital in the Copper Canyon region of Mexico’s northern Sierra Madre mountains. They are helping to establish a mobile medical clinic program to reach the Tarahumara community in remote villages, and supporting the work of Tarahumara Christians in sharing their worship music throughout the many small villages in the region. Carrie worked for years as a teacher before sensing God’s call to medical work in areas of the world where basic health care isn’t readily available. After completing the PA program at UC Davis, she provided primary care in Santa Barbara, California for 3.5 years. Grey has served on the faculty of Westmont College for over 25 years, and as minister of music at their home church for more than 30 years. They know God’s deep desire for relationship with and justice for all people, and are excited and humbled to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Tarahumara community in building greater health and wholeness in the region.      


Drs. Willy & Jessee Bustinza

Samachique, Chihuahua, MexicoGeneral Surgeon and Pediatrician - Hospital Misión Tarahumara

Willy and Jessee Bustinza are a general surgeon and pediatrician team serving with CHSC at Hospital Misión Tarahumara, a Christian mission hospital in Mexico’s remote Copper Canyon. Together with their daughters Lucy and Caroline, the Bustinzas serve the Tarahumara indigenous community. The Tarahumara are a tribe of approximately 100,000 people who are virtually unreached by the Gospel. Willy and Jessee originally met in the Andes Mountains of Peru at the ages of 3 and 5. Their parents worked together to establish a Christian school for impoverished children called “El Pionero.” The Bustinzas felt God’s call to medical missions during their teen years. They initially received training as a pediatric ICU nurse (Jessee) and biomedical engineer (Willy), then went on to complete their medical education at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, OK. Following completion of their residency training, the Bustinzas moved to Mexico as a part of the Samaritan’s Purse Post-Residency Program. During their term with Samaritan’s Purse, they established a pediatric malnutrition program and developed a medical education department for the hospital. The Bustinzas are excited to continue to serve God in Mexico as a part of the CHSC family. Through medical care, their desire is to introduce the Tarahumara people to the Creator God who is not distant, but rather who loves and cares for them.      


Caitlin Dahmer

Samachique, Chihuahua, MexicoCertified Nurse Midwife - Hospital Mision Tarahumara

Caitlin is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) who is honored to begin serving at Hospital Mision Tarahumara in the northern Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. Tarahumara women have one of the world's highest rates of maternal and infant mortality. They live in remote villages dispersed across the Copper Canyon region of Chihuahua and their lives are shaped by tremendous need and lack of resources. Caitlin feels God has been preparing and leading her specifically to this location for years.
She first sensed God's call while in nursing school at Calvin College. She went on to complete her graduate studies at the University of Michigan to become a nurse midwife. After graduation, the Lord led her to work at Lawndale Christian Health Center, where she has been faithfully serving the impoverished neighborhoods of Chicago's west side for five years.
Now as she looks to transition to Hospital Mision Tarahumara, she is excited to build relationships, invest, serve, and do her part in bringing about God's Kingdom to an indigenous people that do not know the Lord. She hopes that through her partnership with this hospital and Christian Health Service Corps, the Tarahumara people will come to know the saving grace and steadfast love of our Lord Jesus Christ both individually and eventually as a community.      


Dave and Marinajo Fields

HondurasPastoral Counseling - Grace 2 Help

Dave and Marinajo served at Hospital Loma de Luz full time from 2008 until 2021. Dave served in support and logistics roles at the hospital and Marinajo served in the eyeglasses clinic. In 2021, they transitioned into a full time member care / pastoral counseling role. They now host a ministry retreat home in Puerto Rico ( and counsel from there. Their ministry is focused on care for missionaries and those in ministry to help them serve longer and more effectively through counseling, debrief, retreat, and ongoing pastoral care. They can be reached through their website at or via email at [email protected]

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16      


Andrew and Alisa Geers

HondurasPhysician Assistant & Nurse Practitioner - Loma de Luz Hospital

Mission: God has called us to serve in the Latin America Community, specifically Honduras, to share the story of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. We want to assist the hospital of Loma de Luz in providing for the spiritual and physical needs of the people in the area. It is our desire to live out the verse in Matthew 5:16, that we would live our lives in such a way that others could see our good deeds and glorify God in heaven.      


Lauren and Caleb Genry

HondurasRegistered Nurse - Hospital Loma De Luz

Caleb and Lauren Genry are a CPA and Registered Nurse team going to serve at Hospital Loma de Luz. Lauren developed a love for international missions as she grew up going on mission trips with her school and church, and Caleb has a love for personal finance and serving others. Lauren has specialized in the operating room and will be assisting with surgeries, while Caleb will be helping on the business side of the hospital. They have a daughter, Randi, who is growing quickly and is so much fun. Their mission is to walk in relationship with God, and from that, be the hands and feet of Jesus, and to tell others of His love.      


Tabitha Hiers

Rio Viejo, HondurasMissionary Nurse - Jungle Hospital

Mission: Tabitha is a Registered Nurse serving alongside Dr. Martin and Wendy Williams at the Dyer Rural Hospital in Rio Viejo, Honduras. She has been serving at the hospital since May 2012. They are currently operating as an outpatient clinic serving 31 villages and 21 schools. The Healing Hands Global team is currently working towards opening a Labor and Delivery Ward, Operating Room and Emergency Services. She participates in medical brigades, outpatient clinics and community outreach through the local elementary schools.      


Drs. Isaac & Anne Hotz

HondurasFamily Practice Physicians - Hospital Loma de Luz

Isaac and Anne Hotz began serving at Hospital Loma de Luz in January 2015 with their two children, Madelyn (10/8/2012) and Josiah (8/25/2014). Isaac and Anne are both family practice physicians and will be serving in the hospital. Isaac lived in Honduras in 2002-2003 near Lago de Yojoa. Ever since then he felt a call to return and serve the people of Honduras. Anne first became interested in medical missions while living in Peru in 2006 and teaching english. Both completed residency at North Colorado Family Medicine and Isaac completed an International Family Medicine Fellowship at Via Christi in Wichita, KS.      


Walter & Adriana Madalinski

MexicoClinical Nurse Specialist & Registered Nurse - Hospital Tarahumara

The Madalinski’s are excited to serve in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Northern Mexico. Over the years the Lord has nurtured a deep compassion in Walt and Adriana’s hearts for the poor and needy. This compassion led them to serve the underprivileged here in the US and to serve on short-term trips around the world. It was on one of these trips in 2012 that Walt, an engineer from Texas, and Adriana, a nurse from Canada, met. Over their eleven months in Guatemala the Lord brought them together and they married at the end of that year. The Lord then led Walt out of engineering and into medical training for long-term missions. A visit in January 2019 to Mission Hospital Tarahumara in Samachique confirmed the call God has placed on their lives and their desire to serve there.      


Haley McNeese

MexicoRegistered Nurse - Hospital Mision Tarahumara

Haley has been a nurse at Hospital Mision Tarahumara in northern central Mexico since June 2020. She spends much of her time in a nursing leadership role at the hospital, as well as serving on the community medical outreach team. Haley has a passion for seeing wellness disparities overcome in the name of Jesus. In the midst of the many challenges faced by the Tarahumara people, God is making his presence known, and Haley is honored to share in God's vision and mission of bringing hope to this region.      


Amanda Metcalf

HondurasNurse Practitioner - Jungle Hospital

In February 2018, I went on my first mission trip to Honduras. It was then God put a fire in my heart to return and serve His people. I soon returned to Honduras in August 2018, and it was then God confirmed His call for me to serve His people in the medical mission field. I am currently a Licensed Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) with almost 2 years of retail health experience and plan on pursuing my Doctor's of Nursing in the future. I have also worked as a Sexual Assault Nurse (SANE) for 4 years. Before becoming an FNP, I worked as a critical care nurse and clinical preceptor in a pediatric emergency room for several years. My previous job before then was working on an adult medical/surgical floor. Working on the medical/surgical floor was my first job out of nursing school. I look forward to spreading God’s love through healthcare at the Jungle Hospital in Honduras!      


Dr. Junior Noel

Dessalines, HaitiFamily Practice Physician - Claire Heureuse Hospital

Mission: Junior Noel is a primary care physician and Chief of Staff at Claire Heureuse Hospital in Dessalines, Haiti. His Mission is to cure, care, educate, and preach the gospel to the poor.      


Natalia Suits

HondurasRegistered Nurse - Loma de Luz Hospital

The Lord wooed my heart to missions at an early age. Raised in Spain in a loving missionary family, I spoke Spanish and I saw the impact of Christ’s love on people’s lives. However it wasn’t till I was 11 when we were returning to the US, that I came to know the Lord for myself. The prospect of returning to my “home” country, culture, school, and friends I didn’t know was overwhelming, and God, in His great love, became the one constant in my life which I’ve treasured ever since. On graduating from high school, my choice of career proved easy - one that would be of use overseas! I trained as an RN and then took a diploma of nursing in tropical medicine at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK. I have always enjoyed interacting with other cultures and have loved the opportunities over the past decade to take Jesus’ love to Central America, Eastern Europe and East Africa. I am excited to now be taking the step of serving long-term in Honduras at Loma de Luz.      



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