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May I interrupt?

Our to-do lists often get upended here as the Lord inserts a very different agenda than what we expected. That seems to have been our norm recently. No doubt, you’ve had similar weeks! Our frustrations were commonplace, (i.e. nothing when compared to a local family who lost a beloved teen nephew to drowning), but they did affect our ability to get things done. For almost two weeks either our Internet or the electrical service was on the fritz. It led to Verlin staying up most of the night to send our last update, and frustrated many other ministry communications. Some muscles in Debbie’s lower back tightened, as they occasionally do once every year or two, and so she limited her activities for six days. Verlin had hoped for several quiet weeks that he could devote to preparing an important set of lessons for the university training this fall. Instead, he spent several hours of several days helping one of our Disciple Making Movement (DMM) trainees with an ongoing health problem. This will help us all to be more aware of improving medical services offered here. Thankfully, there was no political tension with the unpaid solders to hinder anyone in town this week!

In past years, similar “interruptions” the Lord allowed, or sent, resulted in great blessings and life-changing events. This time, a door to door salesman’s effort to sell us vitamins turned into a witnessing session and potential to minister in another town. DMM meetings were completed, although at different times. Debbie laid the groundwork for a women’s Bible study to begin next week. Verlin’s persistence in helping the DMM trainee resulted in his health issue being understood so it can be addressed locally. Planning for CHE trainings advanced, though not the ones expected. To-do lists really are helpful for us, especially as we age, but it is reassuring to know the Lord molds our original plans into works that are more beautiful and lasting.

Prayer and Praise:

  • Pray for the aunts and church family of Kobenan, the young man who drowned. He was an orphan who lived with two aunts. The three of them were known for regularly and jointly sweeping the church and picking up trash before the Sunday service. Ask that details concerning his death be cleared up to bring peace to the family.
  • The women’s Bible study will hopefully have its first gathering this upcoming Thursday afternoon.
  • Ask for protected hours for Verlin to spend in lesson preparation.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie


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