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Loss and Gain

The Ivorian Free Will Baptist Church experienced a surprising loss on July 6. Kouamé Philippe Fakéyé, pastor of the Koumassi Free Will Baptist (FWB) church in Abidjan, was found lifeless on Friday morning. He unexpectedly died of a currently unknown cause during the night while completing oversight duties of the Doropo hospital for Beraca, the Ivorian FWB NGO governing the facility. Though aged just 44 years, he was preceded to heaven by a first wife and son and leaves behind a second family. Philippe served Jesus faithfully in FWB churches and had participated in university CHE training to plan integration for their wider application with church-growing programs. He will be sorely missed. Please pray for his wife and local flock, especially, as he glories in his newly gained heavenly home.

This week, Verlin traveled to central and western Cote d’Ivoire for Community Health Evangelism (CHE) meetings in several remote places and for conference planning.

It looks like we may gain some renewed CHE partners by year’s end from aWEC church plant and some local government medical workers working 0together in a dominantly Muslim town. At a second location, church members and their CHE team received six hours of refresher trainings to start training their own committee, the unit that directs CHE ministries at the village level.

Years ago we experienced some financial loss by giving an Ivorian businessman a hefty personal loan in 2006 to provide higher speed Internet service in Bondoukou. It did help with homeschooling briefly, but then the friend moved and loan repayments stopped. Verlin saw him during this trip and was pleasantly surprised to receive nearly 1/3 of the amount still owed. These replenish some of the funds we formerly used to test for people of integrity to qualify them for international loans to start micro-enterprises or larger businesses.


Pray for the family of Pastor Philippe, especially for his wife. May all the funeral events and opportunities to share the Gospel and the story of his faithful life provide a vibrant continuing testimony.Continue to pray for those in training to lead Discovery Bible Studies (DBS).Giving to our account has remained below budget the last quarter. Pray with us as we figure out how to connect 20 new ministry partners with this ministry we share at $100 or so a month while actively ministering. We thank the many of you who pray and give faithfully, some who are increasing their help. It’s just time to meet our budget and spread our support base to continue on. We look forward to discovering how this works out. Christ is bringing lasting transformation here because of our co-laboring together!

Your partners in the Gospel,


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