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Looking stateside…

September heralded the arrival of fall in the States. I have yet to become accustomed to remembering that the perpetual summer of coastal Honduras is not the weather in the rest of the world, necessarily. Every time I find a fall recipe featured online, or see a photo of friends out in the fall foliage, or see an ad for the latest fall beverage at Starbucks, my first thought is “who does that when it is so HOT?!?” Oh, right…most of my acquaintances do not live in this same temperate zone.

I actually travelled back to the States in September, but it was before the weather took a turn for the cooler. Mom and Dad celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary on September 13th, and my brothers and I, plus my 2 oldest nieces, were all able to be with them to celebrate. I don’t know the last time we all were able to be at home together. Despite the fact that we overlapped for less than 24 hours with all of us together (there were a LOT of airport runs in a few very short days), it was so nice to all be together. Making the time even sweeter, my grandma, aunt and cousin were able to come out for a day as well, so I had the opportunity to see them, too. We talked, we relaxed, we sat. It was SUCH a nice change of pace!



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