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Last Saturday morning after the university training finished on Friday, Verlin, Dayo, and three Ivorian CHE association trainers accompanied Professor Luc and most of his university team to Kodiokro. A few hours from Abidjan, the village of more than an hundred families is home to one of their fledgling CHE efforts. The team wanted to show the progress made and to request advice for some challenges they have encountered.

In addition to meeting with village leaders and walking them through the ‘Road to Development’activity used in CHE, the trainers learned of life there by modeling to new trainers the ‘Look and Listen’ survey while walking about the village. Through casual interaction, Verlin saw the food preparation of a woman selling attiéké and fish while learning her margins for profit and loss. He watched how an elder calmed two women who broke into a heated argument and spoke with local church leadership. Oral history was learned as all met a man who remembers living through the last severe earthquake in the area, about 80 years ago. He is still in good shape, works his field vigorously, and might be over 100 years old as he shared some personal World War 1 experiences. No one knows his birth date, but he and all of the village live in a picturesque location that can help them exit poverty if they develop what they have together through the transforming power of Christ.

After more than 24 hours of interaction and consulting, one of our experienced CHE trainers accepted to stay in the village for much of the next three to six months. He will report and coordinate with the university team while initiating on-site trainings and encouragement. We believe that the extra time and effort of a CHE practitioner working closely with the local people will help them greatly.


• Please pray with us for the Lord to manifest His mercy through a tragic loss of life that has engulfed the family of one of our trainers. We will share later, but our hearts deeply grieve with them. They need the Lord’s comfort and provision.

• Pray that the steps made to assist the work in Kodiokro encourage the local residents and yield an abundant harvest of transformation over time. Ask for wisdom for the CHE trainer who will be on-site often in the next few months to motivate and mentor.

• Keep praying for a full-time engineering job for our son, Corbin. He continues to work at the company where he did his internship. The situation is temporary.

Your partners in the Gospel,



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