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Prioritize, Listen to Him

Listen to Him

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Vying Voices

“This is my Beloved Son. Listen to Him!” During the past Christmas week, while looking forward to the New Year, we received the following timely reminder from Mark 9. Many voices—political, familial, medical, spiritual, social—vie for our attention and affection daily. Who do we listen to and trust? The “inner circle” disciples of Jesus faced this question on the Mount of Transfiguration. In the presence of superstars of their Jewish faith—Moses and Elijah—Peter almost led the group astray. He wanted to put the two prophets’ experience and advice on equal footing with Jesus by building a temple for each of them. Immediately THE Voice from heaven set Peter straight.

Here is the takeaway for us with the New Year: input from wise people is essential in our lives. Nevertheless, it cannot take preeminence over the voice of the Lord in our lives from Scripture, the voice and example of His Son on earth, or the quiet, internal voice of His Spirit confirmed in our lives by the community or communities of believers. We desperately need to listen to Him!

Victorious Vision

Many of the good voices we heard this past week were those of friends and ministry partners. Since returning, we have met with more than twenty of our ministry partners separately or together in coffee shops, restaurants, and homes, or after services and meetings. We were blessed even to see a few more in Michigan while with family. Times with you are refreshing and energizing! Without exception, as we shared life stories since our last times together, it became evident that victory in the critical moments of our lives came when faithful servants listened to Him.

So, here we are together on the cusp of a beautiful, new year. May our advancing victories for the Kingdom mitigate or remove any unintentional backsliding retreat for any of us. May each servant of the Lord depend on HIS strength in us! We aspire to the following:

  • follow Jesus exclusively and love Him completely as shown by ardent obedience in doing good works;
  • cherish our families wholeheartedly and fulfill our roles faithfully while evading unfruitful time-wasters (hopefully car, computer and home maintenance will prove fruitful for savings and witness);
  • choose our food wisely to maintain or improve our bodies to continue in diligent service to the one and only King;
  • select our president biblically and exert our influence justly as the earthly citizens of heaven that we are;
  • interact truthfully with others in work and at play demonstrating transparency and encouragement with friends unceasingly;
  • serve the hurt compassionately while seeking to find the lost regularly.

Prayer and Praise:

  • Please pray for friends who are by the side of a dying sibling. Ask the Lord to open spiritually darkened eyes. Pray for comfort and strength for all the unnamed family.
  • We feel our age a little as our second child turned 30 this week. How grateful we are for the way our three children have listened to the voice of the Lord in past years! Pray with us that their capacity, and ours, to listen and obey continues to grow every year of their lives.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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