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Leaving Costa Rica

Greetings from Costa Rica!

We are both sad and excited as our time in Costa Rica comes to an end.  We are sad that we are leaving behind so many friends here in Costa Rica but are excited to get to Honduras.  We have officially bought plane tickets to Honduras and will be back in the states for about three weeks starting April 4th, to help reorganize/pack, before heading to Hospital Loma de Luz.  We would also love to connect with any and all who want to connect while we are back in Florida!

Reflecting back on our time in language school we are able to see the many gifts God has given us.  We arrived in Costa Rica back in October knowing only a few words and phrases and now we are able to have our Spanish class taught completely in Spanish.  For those who are curious, we are currently studying the subjunctive tense.  It is commonly used to wish people well or express desires for other people.  A common subjunctive phrase that our house mother says everyday as we leave for school or volunteering is “Que les vayan bien”, which literally means, “that you all go well” or figuratively means, “I hope that you have a good day”.  While we recognize that learning Spanish is going to be a lifelong endeavor, we are grateful for our teachers, host families and friends who have patiently helped guide us to our current level of Spanish.

God has also provided for our spiritual needs while in Costa Rica.  We attend a baptist church in town and are apart of a young professional bible study group where we have been able to fellowship and learn more about Latin American culture.  It is a joy to be able to learn more Spanish as we study God’s word and learn our favorite praise songs in Spanish as well as some new songs too.  IMG_1166 We have also been able to spend time with the members of our group outside of church to get to know them better.  One such time occurred last weekend.  A member of the church owns a paintball park (Who knew they have paintball in Costa Rica??) so we played paintball with our bible study group and survived, with only a few bruises.

We have been in continued contact with Hospital Loma de Luz.  They are excited to have us and say that our arrival in April should correspond perfectly with a community outreach they have been planning that we should be able to jump right in to help with.  As most of you know we need to purchase a car in Honduras and thanks to your generosity we have sufficient funds to make this a reality.  We have been praying for guidance and seeking wise counsel as we search for a car and the plan is to wait until we arrive in Honduras to fully pursue buying a car.  We are also praying for God to help us transition well, both from leaving Costa Rica and arriving to Honduras.


Andrew and Alisa Geers


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