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Change the Health System

Key Cutters


Early last week, Verlin limited activity a few days because of an infected scratch. He overcame the infection by the grace of nursing knowledge God has provided him. The sickness which had prevented him from supporting weight and walking during two days, dissipated within three. He then drove to make a village visit to share truth for life. His experience drove home a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) principle for these witnesses, and informed a question they had:
  • Every person is responsible for his or her health, and,
  • When do you treat something at home and when do you get someone’s help?


Meekness and humility cut the keys that open doors to find understanding and grant access to truth for life. Strength under control is meekness. Meekly knowing our God-given gifts so well that we individually neither undercut nor over project personal capacity is humility. Each must learn themselves in their time to be both effective and content. Verlin learned his saving nursing knowledge as a result of circuit riding truth speakers who did as the Word revealed generations ago. Their example inspired Mary Breckenridge to equip circuit riding nurses and midwives. They spread the antisepsis first championed by Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton. A public health movement followed on the heels of 18th and 19th century Gospel preachers.


Today, other nations catch-on to catch-up. The sharedChange the Health System  1m YouTube link (click picture) spotlights the God-given thirst of our time that CHE quenches. Shared by a fellow advocate for CHE to West African trainers, we know the ‘scratch’ for this doctor’s shared ‘itch’ is CHE. Anyone knowing the history of circuit riders can see CHE as another revival of God’s grace that He offers for our time and context. Like circuit riders of old, CHE trainers equip local populations to use what are known as best practices for health. They model and insist that people assume responsibility for their personal health. It is a cutting edge problem. As always, the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides the cutting edge answers. God alone responds truthfully to humanity’s cry for help.
For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, we reform all of created life by His Scripture alone, by faith alone, by grace alone, by Christ alone, and for the glory of God alone.

Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for several Community Health Evangelism (CHE) leaders who prepare short descriptions of their good works to possibly present at the university symposium that will be held September 5-6. Some of them never completed high school, much less attended any university. If their submissions show they ‘scratch the itch’, they will be given opportunity by the Lord to describe to more than 30 leaders of private and public health institutions as to how their implementation of CHE transforms rural and poor communities. Pray that their testimonies will come through clearly. Ask for wisdom as we assist the process and help with communication or technical issues.
  • Pray for Debbie. She expects to travel a bit more in Michigan and visit at least 3 more churches who are ministry partners before she returns to Tennessee on July 14. Ask for complete healing from her respiratory issue that has lingered, despite steroids, antibiotics, and nutritional solutions.
Your Partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie

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