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Kapsowar Water Project

A question we receive often is: “how to you get your water?”, or: “where does your water come from?”.

The history is quite complicated, but in short it comes from a water source in the forest. In the 1980’s they identified a water source (creek) in the forest that ran consistently through dry and wet seasons. Then they built a 6 ft high retaining wall to harness the flow and pipe water to the hospital. Through the years and due to some political pressure the control of the pipe was given to the community and the result was an inconsistent water supply to the hospital.

Because of the inconsistency the hospital was frequently running with water shortages. We requested the local government to allow us to run a hospital-dedicated pipe from the same source to the hospital. The discussions and planning started over a year ago, then the Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) donated the pipe needed in December 2017. Once we had the pipe, we went right to work installing. The installation work took about 2 weeks, then there was about 4 weeks of very frustrating trouble shooting as the water wasn’t flowing to the hospital. The problem wasn’t one thing but a combination of leaks in the existing line, airlocks, and more leaks.

The water finally reached the hospital tank and now we have a continuous flow of water which provides the hospital with about 50,000 liters (12,500 gallons) per day which is awesome. The hospital water tank serves the hospital, nursing school (180 students), farm irrigation, and staff housing so the flow of water we have now about matches the need.

It is awesome to have a consistent supply of water! The video below describes the work and has some great photos. Check it out!


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