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Joyful Visits

The house is very quiet today since our missionary friends with four sons ages 9 to 15 left early this morning. It was a pleasure to have them visit for a week. We were able to show them a bit about what life is like in mid-eastern Cote d’Ivoire and share visions of ministry. We went on a few outings, including visits to a blacksmith, an ostrich farm, and the pictured 17th century mosque. If you visit Verlin’s Facebook page, you can hear a Christmas greeting from around our dinner table. We also enjoyed an agape meal with Ivorian brothers and sisters at noon on Christmas Day. That was a busy day of cooking!

In the midst of the holiday activities, other good works were done. Verlin and Koffi spend eight hours on Thursday in the fields of the agricultural projects to advance land preparations. The progress had slowed as the man engaged to clear pathways was bitten by a snake about ten days ago, and the owner of the land has been recovering from the accident we mentioned two weeks ago. Verlin also had follow-up meetings like that with the president of the local evangelical pastor’s association. A mutual plan to promote yearly meetings of the Global Leadership Summit is developing so that a first year’s funding by outside gifts is replaced by annual local funding. We believe such an effort will contribute to Community Health Evangelism (CHE) becoming integrated into many workplaces and ministries. Discussion also continued on implementing Disciple Making Movement (DMM) Discovery Studies among churches here for a 1st or 2nd quarter 2018 CHE training session.

Prayer and Praise:

Pray for the 3-hour training on how to lead DMM Bible studies that will begin a week from Sunday at a local church here in Bondoukou. Pray it will equip teachers at each level to help others powerfully apply God’s Word in their lives. Also ask that some will respond to the call and join a growing group of believers who prepare for a concentrated effort to reach people of other faiths here.On Friday, Debbie was glad to speak with one of the ladies from her fall DMM Bible study. S. has gathered eight women around her to start a study in January. Debbie will mentor S. for a couple of months.In answer to your prayers the past few weeks, Verlin was able to pick up Debbie’s medication in Abidjan. Also, on a different and personal level, our primary guard dog-in-training almost died this week. An Abidjan vet gave us advice by phone and now Beau is beginning to gain strength and to eat from Verlin’s hand. We appreciate being spared the need to restart training another canine guard for the courtyard.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie


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