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It Costs Nothing!

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The children’s class in our neighborhood under an avocado tree continues to flourish. This past week, a close neighbor came with her two children and told our Ivorian Disciple Making Movement (DMM) trainer that she wanted to sign up her children for the Saturday class. She has seen and heard the good things being taught. Then she asked how much it would cost to enroll them. The teacher told her, “It costs nothing!” She was grateful and surprised. He told her it was his joy to teach the children stories from the Bible and share the practical health lessons of the HEPFDC manual. Several months ago, another mother was so excited about the book with health lessons that she borrowed the copy and photocopied it in town! It cost her about $10 to copy, a large amount here, which showed how valuable the information was to her. This is Ok since the book is available online for free (see links), and she did not have access to the Internet.

It also cost nothing for the same DMM trainer to walk and visit one of the sick children from his class. The Muslim father allowed him to pray over the girl about 10 ten years old and give her words of encouragement. She had come faithfully to class, and prayed in faith to Jesus. Sadly, she died this week, but the teacher said he finds comfort in that her acceptance of Christ allowed her to go to heaven. He continues to look for ways to witness to and encourage the parents.

There is no public trash collection service in Bondoukou. Some people take their daily trash out late at night and spread it on adjacent streets so that they do not have to worry about it in their own courtyard! While prior Ebola scares spread hand washing spots throughout town, trash cans are not available in most places. The trash simply piles up. It is blown all over by the dusty winds of dry season. The children in class are being organized to do an initial trash pick-up on a small portion of our block, with a reinforced teaching of how to properly wash hands, and why it is unhealthy to let trash collect. We expect the event will happen the Saturday of our next update, but that could be delayed if the birth of the DMM trainer’s second child interrupts the scheduled time. This effort, too, will cost nothing but a bag of candy. Motivating with money was refused! This will set up testimony to parents as to how their children can be agents of change in their homes and communities.

Prayer and Praise

  • Continue to pray for this children’s DMM class. Ask especially that the outing to pick up trash will help them to see themselves as agents of change and be a testimony to their parents.
  • We had three reports this week of growth in the DMM Bible studies recently started in several neighborhoods. One group has begun inviting their friends and neighbors. It now needs to divide into two groups. In another meeting, a pastor met with Verlin to discuss his plan to begin training 8 members of his church to lead the Discovery Bible Studies.
  • We prepare for an upcoming Community Health Evangelism (CHE) TOT1 training to be held in Abidjan. Pray that attendees can come as the dates are only now being announced. If fifteen to twenty-five participants do not attend, we usually do not do a training.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie

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