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It all Depends on Your Focus!

Last month our prosthetics team completed a 3 week visit. As you can imagine, there is an extra dose of energy and excitement around the hospital when one of our amputee patients regains the ability to walk. A lot of things have to come together both behind and in front of the scenes to make each trip successful for our patients. However, things rarely go as planned, especially in the middle of the jungle. Despite this lack of control, we have experienced time and again that in all things God is working to show his love for us and those who we serve. Every prosthetic patient has their own unique story but I want to share one of those stories with you now as an example of how God faithfully provides for our needs.

Our prosthetic lab which is located directly next to the hospital.

Before the last trip in April, our prosthetist, James, visited us in February of this year. Towards the end of the February trip, Dr. Alexander (one of our surgeons), was “coincidentally” seeing a 3 year old little boy, who we will call Marvin, in clinic for follow up. Marvin is battling a rare cancer called spindle cell rhabdomyosarcoma which resulted in his leg needing to be amputated below the knee last year. The first thing out of Marvin’s mouth when he saw Dr. Alexander in February was the question, “When am I going to get my new leg?” While our team of providers had been focused on getting this little one the best cancer treatment possible, all this little boy cared about was walking again. Dr. Alexander quickly tracked down James, and plans were made to get Marvin a new leg the next time James could return to our hospital.

All the supplies had to be custom ordered, including his little prosthetic foot, and by God’s grace, everything arrived to our hospital just in time. Marvin was scheduled for prosthetic clinic on a Wednesday, however, he did not arrive on time and was a no show. The next day Dr. Alexander got an email report from the oncologist treating Marvin which painted a very bleak picture. It appeared that Marvin’s health was taking a turn for the worse. Later that evening, our community prayed for Marvin, specifically that not only would he be strong enough to come get and use the prosthetic that was waiting for him, but that he would miraculously overcome the cancer that threatened his life.

Marvin’s New Foot

The following week Marvin arrived to our hospital. I could not stop smiling as I realized that the happy, energetic and playful little boy before me was an answer to prayer. Though his body showed the signs of degeneration from cancer and chemotherapy, his spirit showed signs of one who was uplifted in prayer. That sweet spirit seemed to abound to the point that it gave his body strength. While he was glad to receive and use his new prosthetic leg, he was even more excited to show his new leg to his sister because he thought she would think it was cool!

Please join me in continuing to pray for Marvin and his family as they navigate this difficult season in life. He is scheduled to come back for a follow up clinic visit this summer. I know that God will continue to bless this little child who he calls his own and I am hopeful that he will be healed of his infirmity. Whether you realize it or not, you, who are reading this right now, are a vital part of the team who helps make these miracles possible. Thank you for your faithfulness, both financially and in prayer, in partnership with us to bring hope and healing not only to the northern coast but to people from all around Honduras!

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