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To dare to believe that a whole community, or village, or city, or region, or nation can be reached with the Gospel requires eyes of faith. In humility and trust, we realize such a bold vision needs followers of Christ from every faithful church to engage their prayers, energy, and resources for the Kingdom’s sake. Without compromising our own doctrine or local church covenants, we can collaborate with a multitude of churches and believers to bring God’s Word to every family in an area. Cote d’Ivoire will not be persuaded to follow the Truth any other way.


Swiss NGO delegation begins planning
process for Bondoukou ConferenceA cooperative spirit continues to grow in pastors of local evangelical churches here in Bondoukou. They begin to see that to reach people of another particularly resistant faith will take a concentrated effort by us all. Verlin met with some of those pastors twice this week. Similarly, in January, Verlin reported an example of what collaboration looks like for us. It happened when we exposed one local church to Discovery Bible Groups, a key component of Disciple-Making Movements (DMM). Notice below the interconnections that made it possible:

First of all, I recognize all our ministry partners who keep us here (over 90% areFree Will Baptist) and the CHSC who sends us. Next is Final Command Ministries who produced the video that was shared. They used the videography services of a dear friend at Tekmerion Productions. Thanks also to the Bible-distributing Gideonbrother. He brought the Jesus Filmprojection equipment today that he received because of information from us. I learned of the equipment availability at theMillion Village Challenge meeting in Burkina Faso in March 2015. The equipment was delivered to him by aCampus for Christ employee, who gave thanks to Southern Baptist missionary friends of ours who live in Abidjan. All fit together for us because of small group facilitation we received at Welch College, and during experiences Verlin received in Michigan, Student Foreign Missions Fellowship, and our Perspectives of the World Christian Movement training. Last, but far from least, we are grateful forGlobal CHE Network connections, includingMedical Ambassadors International from whom we originally learned the CHE approach. The network also facilitated our being mentored to use DMM through the Ivorian chapter of HCFI which invited a French couple of RESCOF to train us.


Praise the Lord for faithful Christians from many groups who humbly offer what they have to share the Gospel locally and worldwide.A favorable government meeting happened this week for the brother who labors to get updated paperwork on the land where our CHE agricultural project has begun.Pray for our strength during this season of intense heat and a busy month ahead.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie


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