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Missing an opening

You may not be aware of some of the strange pathology that exists in the world.  For instance, who would of thought that babies can be born without an anus?  Well unfortunately, “imperforate anus” is a not-so-uncommon diagnosis, and we see more than our fair share of these children, mainly because we can care for them—word gets out in Honduras when you are able to offer specialty care for certain conditions (if I had a Lempira for every enlarged prostate I’ve cared for…).

The incidence of this abnormality is about 1 in 5000 births, and has several different variations.  But the bottom line is that the baby can’t poop, or can’t poop normally.  (‘Poop’ is a medical term that uncouth doctors like myself prefer to use instead of the word ‘feces‘ or ‘excrement.’)

We are extremely blessed to have the services of a pediatric surgeon who comes and visits us every 3 or so months, with his lovely and hilarious wife.  We’ll call them Drake and Chrissy.  Drake happens to be very good at repairing this malformation, and because it is a procedure that takes more than one surgery to repair, we are very grateful that he comes down often.


One of the little guys that Drake did surgery on has still been struggling to recuperate, and we’re not exactly sure why.  He has been here for a couple weeks now, and we’re at a standstill.  His family diligently attends to him day and night in our infirmary, and they just joined our prayer and song night the other day.  I would ask you to pray for Eduar and his parents:  For patience, hope and stamina for his parents, for guidance in how to care for him, and for healing.





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