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Her name means “humbleness”

Our partner, Dr Mark Karnes, recently wrote two great stories about patients for whom Michelle was a big part of their care. We wanted to share one with you!
(Writing and photo credits to Mark Karnes)

This little baby’s name (not disclosed for privacy sake) means humbleness. She was found discarded by the roadside with her placenta still attached to her. She was picked up and taken to a nearby orphanage. Five days later she started having seizures continuously and was brought to our hospital. Her diagnosis was tetanus. She required loving intensive care by our nursing staff under the direction of our co-laborer Dr. Michele Yates. High dosages of antibiotics, muscle relaxants and anti-seizure medication were administered.  She stayed in our hospital for one month and was released recently back to the care of the orphanage. Join us in praying that a loving family will be found to care for her in the future and that she will have a reasonably normal life.


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