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Hospital Crowds

I will confess that some of the days like the one below make me a little nervous. Can you imagine traveling for two days to get to the hospital with all your hopes wrapped up in a cure you imagine will be waiting for you, only to be turned away because there are not enough appointments? People get angry, and I am not surprised that they do. It has never become violent as far as I know, but there is a certain restlessness and murmuring that can be felt when the crowds gather as they do in the picture below. I am sure this is a problem for almost all mission hospitals, and I do not know how to fix it. It makes me sad for the patients, it makes me concerned for the watchmen who deal with the crowds, and it makes me wonder how Jesus would deal with the situation. Many people came to Jesus for healing, but possibly even more for his compassion. And even Jesus, God in the flesh, did not help everyone who came to see him. I can promise you we are not Jesus with our many flaws, but we try to resemble his characteristics. I think people come here for healing. But even more I think they come for the compassionate care.

God help us to show compassion even among the stress and push of the crowds. Help us to be more like your son, Jesus Christ.

Dr. Klaus-Dieter John addresses anxious patients

Dr. Klaus-Dieter John addresses anxious patients


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