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Crushed Hope

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A Shantytown and a Stowaway


Report of forced moves near Abidjan airport

It hurts to see hope crushed. Recently in Cote d’Ivoire, a shantytown adjacent to the international airport was demolished. Tens of thousands of people watched in despair as their shacks were razed and paltry belongings crushed. Although reportedly the government did warn of the demolition ahead of time, many squatters did not get the news, or they had nowhere else to go. Claiming that the shantytown’s location was too close to the airport and posed a safety risk, the government felt justified in destroying the shacks. A teenage stowaway inflamed the situation when he sneaked from the shantytown onto the tarmac, and into the landing gear of an international aircraft. We wonder what crushed hope led him to make that deadly choice. Pray for all the people affected by this crisis.

Contact and Connect

Hope crushed becomes hope reignited in the hands of Jesus. While traveling, we get to share stories of hope reignited. In about two weeks, Old Red (our 1995 Dodge Caravan) will carry us to Michigan, where we look forward to sharing praise reports with friends. (And Debbie will have a minor hope crushed if she does not see snowfall!) Since we will be in the Mitten until the end of March, please contact us if you would like to connect. It would be a joy to share a cup of coffee or speak in schools, Bible studies, Sunday Schools, or church services. You can reach Verlin at (615) 477-1129, and Debbie at (615) 906-3524. Our email is [email protected]. Hope to see you soon!

Prayer & Praise

  • Remember the many people who lost their homes in the shantytown. Pray that believers will reach out with compassion and aid to share Christ’s love with the homeless.
  • Recently we asked you to pray for Christians in Nigeria who experience great persecution. The atrocities continue with many deaths, especially in the north. This week, a dear Nigerian brother requested prayer for thousands of homeless people in camps and on streets.
  • We are grateful for new ministry partner donors in December and January! Continue to pray that more friends will pledge the additional $2,500 needed per month. Ask the Lord to give us safe travels and Spirit-filled meetings as we share great news.

Your partners the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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