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Hold on baby girl!

How did I end up in this hospital room taking care of this tiny premature baby girl?

The doctor had called me ten minutes before shift, asking me to be the one on one nurse for the preemie that night. But I am an emergency nurse, not a neonatal ICU nurse! He said he just needs me to stay awake with her tonight to make sure she keeps breathing.

“Ok, I’ll be right over…”

I spent that night in a hot, humid hospital room at Hospital Loma de Luz praying that this baby girl would keep breathing, that she would keep fighting for her life. Holding her tight, praying over her and telling her that she is strong and that God has great plans for her.

Is this what it will look like to leave everything in the US behind to practice nursing in Honduras – to hold a baby and be part of this team fighting for her life? This is worth all I have to give.

I bought a plane ticket to Honduras without much expectation of liking it, much less falling in love with it. Training for the last ten years in nursing in order to someday take those skill overseas finally landed me at Hospital Loma de Luz. They put me to work my second day there, being oriented to their emergency room (my specialty in the US) and to labor and delivery (not my specialty). I was a sweaty, hot mess trying to keep up with the pace of this full-service hospital, and loved every minute of it.

As my time there was extended from three weeks to three months (a story for another day), I was told that they had been praying for a nurse educator. My jaw dropped as another side of my heart was engaged in nursing education! I will be able to work alongside the Honduran nursing staff, empower them to know more about body systems and pathophysiology in order to take better care of the patients.

God has searched my heart and knows it, Psalm 139. I am so excited to tell y’all that I hope to work and live at Hospital Loma de Luz for the next three years as one of their missionary nurses starting late spring of this year.

To be able to do this I have signed on with Christian Health Service Corps as my sending organization. As a nurse in a missions hospital, I will need to raise my own funds, inviting others to participate in bringing hope to rural Honduras. I would be honored if you would consider giving via the link on this site.

Another must-have in this transition and call is y’all’s prayers – that the vision for going would stay clear, for the finances to come in so I can go, and finally for my heart to be prepared to connect well and deeply with the people that I come across in Honduras.

Thank you so much for reading the start of my story in Honduras.

Grace and peace to you,

Natalia Suits RN


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