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Verlin’s time in the U.S. to check on Debbie and attend denominational meetings failed to let him dedicate as much time for visits as hoped, though a few were made besides attending a family reunion. This time, the hodgepodge we live while managing family responsibilities apart for a little longer demanded the priority of maintaining cars. Hopefully the more than 10 visits to 4 shops and yet others to several parts stores will facilitate visiting next year. Considering all, this was a good week. Communications to coordinate the Community Health Engagement (also CHE) exposition and the Million Village Challenge (MVC) were interspersed with activities common to American life, but not so common in Cote d’Ivoire:

▪ Voting and preparations to vote by absentee ballot from Cote d’Ivoire in November were done;
▪ Another physical follow-up skin biopsy was reported to be negative for skin cancer;
▪ Sprays at our permanent address limited weeds and insects; a fallen tree was cut and cleared;
▪ Some questions of investment and compromised personal information were investigated;
▪ A router was replaced for reasons of personal and property security;
▪ We were able to receive our granddaughter for a 3-day visit;
▪ Pipes repaired in May were insulated for the coming winter.We also had the joy of having our three children, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and Verlin’s mom at home in Cookeville for a family get-together in one evening — a VERY rare occasion!!

Verlin leaves for Cote d’Ivoire on Monday. Debbie is to follow in September after giving one more month for her knee recovery. She will also spend the week of August 20-24 at our mission headquarters in East Texas. There she will assist Dr. Laura Smelter, CHSC’s Director of Training, as Laura leads a week-long Level 1 (TOT1) Community Health Evangelism training. Space is still available for a few more participants if you know someone who wants to learn about this proven, community-transforming approach. Clickhere to find out details. Debbie is thrilled to participate in helping others prepare for a ministry approach that has personally revolutionized the way that we as a couple see life, evangelism, and helping people.


Pray for the planning of the CHE university training coming up in September. Verlin is a bit behind in some obligations. An added twist this year is the fact that the doctor who is the university coordinator, Dr. Luc, is the one whose family home was totally flooded in July torrential rains.Verlin leaves for Cote d’Ivoire on Monday to arrive Tuesday. Pray for safe travels, as well as clear thoughts and strength as he jumps immediately into ministry. Also, ask for a trouble-free return for Verlin’s mom who will drive home alone to Michigan on Tuesday. Elsie’s gracious help for six weeks after Debbie’s knee replacement has been invaluable.Last week the Lord provided our daughter Cara a replacement vehicle of the exact made and model that she desired! Thank you for praying with us for that need.

Your partners in the Gospel,


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