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Heroes in Disguise

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Taste and See
(Psalm 34:8)

It has always been true that heroes in disguise are unveiled in times of crisis. They walk quietly among us. Few realize that they will act with mighty valor and sacrifice one day. This week on the world stage, people were astounded by the tenacity and boldness of the president of Ukraine. He refused passage to a safer part of the world, standing firm with his country against a military Goliath. As an actor in the past (including providing the Ukrainian voice for Paddington Bear), some fellow-countrymen doubted his capacity to lead their nation. Today, he commits himself to battle while courageously leading others to preserve national self-determination.


Heroes in disguise have often served as the Lord’s formed weapons. In the Bible’s Old Testament, a shepherd boy, farmer, stutterer, and orphan girl became the great deliverers King David, Gideon, Moses, and Esther. The New Testament world-changers included fishermen, tentmakers, a tax agent, a zealot, a harlot, a boy with bread and fish, and a man who slaughtered Christians. Our Father’s ability to use us all in remarkable ways is limited only by our trust and obedience. So He regularly chooses those who appear weak to worldly eyes to gather strength from their sight established by faith (Ps.8:2; 1Co.1:27).

Come and See
(Psalm 66:5)


The Honorable Derrick receives CHE interns.

It is the same for those who minister using Community Health Evangelism. When training, we never know with certainty who will grasp the truths presented and use them effectively. Sometimes it surprises us who brings transformation to individuals, families, communities, and even nations under Holy Spirit empowerment and guidance. The participants at the Ghana Internship met one of these heroes in disguise, a 26-year-old man the Lord chose. The Honorable Derrik showed the interns a village of more than 3,000 people transformed as he used CHE strategies. He coordinates as a Church of Christ witness involving other believers in five towns and three community committees. When he began with CHE, he walked to these sites. Later, a bicycle was donated for his work. Because of his learned and effective leadership, he became elected to represent the Ghanaian government district where he lives despite his youth. Like many others, his mentor is Dayo Obaweya, the director of the CHE Internship in Ghana.

Prayer & Praise

    • 🙏 Pray for thousands more heroes in disguise in CHE ministries around the world! Ask our Father to use the interns trained in Ghana as they return home. Then, in heaven, we’ll hear many more histories of believers whom this world does not consider worthy of giving credit.
    • 🙏 Ask the Lord to guide as the Farming God’s Way ministry steps forward this week from a meeting held in Bondoukou. Teammates started the phase of re-learning or learning to prep selected locations with composting.
Your Partners in the Gospel,

Verlin and Debbie


Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) is a mission of dedicated medical professionals who participate in the CHE Global Network. Together, in a loose affiliation of individuals, churches, denominational, and nondenominational agencies, we share God’s Light and Truth through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). Verlin and Debbie accept donor partners to contribute as led to provide support as we maintain residential ministry in Cote d’Ivoire to expand CHE ministries under the auspices of CHSC & Ivorian partners. Tax-deductible contributions by check are to be made payable to the CHSC with Andersons #0118 written on the memo line. Mail to CHSC – PO Box 132 – Fruitvale, TX 75127. Give online via the CHSC @ (3% fee) or TDF (0% fee).


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