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We are thankful for the Lord’s strength and the help of Verlin’s mom and many friends to assist Debbie on one continent, while Verlin has run full steam on another lately. On Friday, Debbie was released by her doctor to begin driving and adding in more strenuous activities of daily living. Her knee implant looked good on the x-ray.

Verlin landed in Abidjan today after traveling through much of Cote d’Ivoire during the past 15 days, driving once through the night. Last-minute changes of schedule required such an effort to cover the scheduled promotions of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) ministry. Varied fellowships of Evangelical pastors in different towns were informed of November 2018 trainings, and yet other groups were left invitations to respond to the Million Village Challenge (MVC). The travel also let him interact with a budding CHE team that touches 17 villages, meet others who wish to start CHE, and continue the training of two more churches to in the use of Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). The next four weeks of sessions were delegated to an experienced DBS leader with one who gains experience.

A resource that we received at the International Wholistic Missions Conference of May is the Health Education Program for Developing Communities (HEPFDC).

This resource inspired of CHE and developed by Dr Arnold Gorske has been a joy to share with educators who are placed to influence children with the Gospel and better health practices. Verlin started one teacher in Bondoukou to practice-teach the material with a Christian family who will in turn share the lessons during a neighborhood children’s class. He also launched an educator in Abidjan to implement the material in his setting with older teens to see if they can successfully teach it to themselves and others while he awaits a November CHE Training of Trainers (TOT1) to start a formal CHE or Children’s CHE program with fellow teachers.


Pray the educators mentioned save children using the HEPFDC. Ask that many children multiply the learning of these truths that will impact their worldview and future health.Join Verlin in prayer as he continues spending hours to meet and encourage leaders to adopt the MVC. Pray that influential Ivorian leaders met last week and this weekend successfully envision the use of CHE in every unreached, unengaged Ivorian village.Continue to pray for Dr. Luc’s family, and the many others who were affected by the flooding in Abidjan. We rejoice to see calls for disaster preparedness training in the news.Pray thanksgiving. Verlin returns to the States on July 17 for several weeks of ministry interaction and some family time. Thank the Lord for Debbie’s continued good recovery.

Your partners in the Gospel,


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