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Help Wanted in Kenya

Have you been considering a trip to Africa? Are you looking for a way to help? Do you have a medical degree? If so, this post is for you!

Very soon we will be in need of short term medical missionaries to assist us in the hospital so that we can continue to provide medical care to the people of Kenya. Beginning February 18th and continuing until August 1st, we are in need of volunteers who would be willing to come for a time period of at least two weeks. Family practice and OB/Gyn are the two greatest needs, but Pediatrics and Internal Medicine would be helpful as well. Resident physicians are also welcome.

I feel like I’m standing at the base of a mountain, preparing myself for the uphill battle. In about 6 weeks we will be short staffed. That means longer hours and more on-call nights. I can handle the pressure and the work load, I’ve done it successfully before by the grace of God, but we could sure use some help!

If you are interested or if you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! I know that God will provide for the upcoming season, just as He has provided for our every need up to this day!


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