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Right after Christmas, several churches in Bondoukou received an unusual visit. The prefect (regional governor) entered with a small entourage to make an announcement during the morning services. He spoke of an alarming trend and growing problem: motorcycle riders who are not wearing helmets recklessly zip around town and cause numerous accidents. Fatalities and serious injuries are now alarmingly high. As a recent appointee, he wants to hear of no more motorcycle deaths! So, he felt it was his duty to remind the population to wear helmets and ride their motorbikes cautiously. Since January 1, helmets are required in town and not just for travel out of the city limits. Verlin discovered this when he was stopped four times in one trip to a local church service!

While this is a concern that we can address as local Community Health Evangelism (CHE) programs take form, it makes us think of another helmet. Actually, it reminds us of the whole armor that we Christians tend to neglect as we journey through life. If politicians show their concern and warn citizens of physical danger, how crucial it is that we follow Paul’s directives about our spiritual well-being. We expose ourselves to danger in daily warfare when not geared up appropriately for battle. This is why we count on your prayers! Life and death, physically and spiritually, are regularly at stake. Thank you for being a faithful ministry partner in prayer.

Prayer & Praise:

  • Pray Ephesians 6:11-19 over us and the national CHE network team. Ask that we each: remain reliant on the Lord and obedient in exercising the power of His might; stand firm and fasten ourselves to truth; wear the breastplate of right being and doing; put on our prepared shoes to share the good news of peace; carry the shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and His Word, the sword of the Spirit, in self-defense to confidently advance; and pray with conviction, boldness, and persistence while staying alert to Satan’s schemes.
  • Pray for Koffi’s wife, Helen. She is due to bring their second child into the world at any moment. It can be a frightening thing to give birth in this region. Many women have died in labor at our local hospital in the last few years. Introducing the HCFI is hoped to bring change. We know of no complications, but we ask for a safe delivery.
  • Continue to pray that we wisely address the apparent shortfall in our ministry account and try to discern the best path to see it resolved long-term.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie

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