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Great Assists

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Hopeful Words

“… remember this, that your life is short, your duties many, your assistance great, and your reward sure; therefore faint not, hold on and hold up, in ways of well-doing, and heaven shall make amends for all.”
The above admonishment from a Puritan preacher of the 1600s seems appropriate for us and several Ivorians this week as we checked on their progress. Some prayer requests and reasons to ring in 2021 with rejoicing follow.
  • Koffi-under-avocado-tree-with-kids

    Children’s DBS under neighborhood tree

    Everything is well at our house. K., the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) ministry partner who watches over our rented home office, property, and dogs said COVID is rarely mentioned anymore in Bondoukou. As a result, he expects to relaunch the Discovery Bible Study (DBS) with 30 to 70 neighborhood children this weekend or next. He continues to mentor and encourage four young men who use DBS with teens and adults. That started during the pause with the children. The Lord greatly assists him!

  • Our Ivorian pastor’s wife, who suffered a stroke and other serious health issues last year, reached a milestone in late December. She prepared a meal for her husband with no help from others! The process requires much more strength than most American women need due to our multiple gadgets in the kitchen. We rejoice at our dear sister’s progress! The Lord greatly assists her!
  • Another CHE leader in western Cote d’Ivoire requests prayer for their challenging work in an area where most of the population holds firmly to another religion. The Lord greatly assists them. They pray for more wisdom, boldness, and fruit.
  • After a couple of days of phone calls, paperwork, and errands, Verlin successfully sent money to Bondoukou for ongoing maintenance needs there with a fourth money transfer service. The funds sent will likely suffice until we get back to the field. The Lord greatly assists us, even with mundane and time-consuming tasks like cash transfers. We also praise Him for our uneventful healing from COVID.

Helpful Ways

The Lord greatly assists CHE teams all over West Africa. Dayo Obaweya, who serves as a West Africa Coordinator and Chairman of the Global CHE Network’s Representative Council, put it this way in a Facebook post this week: “This year witnessed more people accepting Christ during our programs all across West Africa. Despite the pandemic, we executed more programs than the previous years. More empowerment training, discipleship training, photography, crusade organization, and several more. Thank you for helping us do more…” The Lord uses you, our most wonderful ministry partners, to greatly assist in all of this as well. Although we will not have the final numbers until January 15, the report to date of donations for December is encouraging. We cannot say thank you enough for all you do through prayer and giving!

Prayer & Praise

  • ???? Thank the Lord with us for good news from ministry partners in Cote d’Ivoire and for the tenacious labors of love that CHE teams do all over West Africa.
  • ???? As most of you know, the Nashville bombing appears to have been a one-man suicide bombing with no future threat to Nashville. Continue to pray for the many who lost their jobs and businesses in the blast.
Your Partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie

Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) is a mission of dedicated medical professionals who participate in the CHE Global Network. Together, in a loose affiliation of individuals, churches, denominational, and nondenominational agencies, we share God’s Light and Truth through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). Verlin and Debbie accept donor partners to contribute as led to provide support as we maintain residential ministry in Cote d’Ivoire to expand CHE ministries under the auspices of CHSC & Ivorian partners. Tax-deductible contributions by check are to be made payable to the CHSC with Andersons #0118 written on the memo line. Mail to CHSC – PO Box 132 – Fruitvale, TX 75127. Give online via the CHSC @ (3% fee) or TDF (0% fee).

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