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What follows are comments from students collected during our week-long Community Health Engagement (the public health model of Community Health Evangelism) at the university. Dayo Obaweya, CHE coordinator for West Africa, told the assembled in closing statements that he believes their application of CHE will become a model used in all of Africa. Dr. Martine Frisch’s medical experiences were enthusiastically received. Reflect on the impact the influence these thoughts can bring as some of the brightest and best of a nation apply them to life and work.

• Good health rests on several factors: our relationship with God, with ourselves, with others, and with the environment.
• Our beliefs affect our values, which affect our behaviors, which translate into consequences.

• Today I am astonished by:

° the quality and methods used by our trainers: games, role plays, and
° the presence of a village chief at the opening ceremony
° Trainer Verlin’s introduction which awakened my conscience
° the Road to Health which demonstrated the community needs
° the fact that we can train ° 12,000,000 people in 10 years when each
person trains 5 people for 8 years
° the fact that it is not for the trainer to impose his project, but
he must take into account the needs brought to light by the community
° the patience of our trainers when we don’t understand something
° the fact that a child can be the way to enter a community
• To be a good trainer, I must put myself at the level of the learner.
• We must help the community discover their own resources.
• Beliefs must be taken into account in development projects.
• During the River-Crossing Story with Trainer Debbie, I learned that it is possible to give aid without resolving the problem; or we can aid someone and make the situation worse than it was before; or the helped person can learn to take ownership.
• Local resources are enough to solve problems in a community.
• The best way to help someone is to do the activity with them in such a way that they claim ownership and can then show other people.
• Volunteerism is important.
• Today I learned how my worldview is like a pair of glasses.
• God desires a world in harmony.
• The trainers were excellent during all the time we spent together: clear ideas, and their manner of explaining was very good.
• I thank the professor and his team for their thoughts to bring progress in communities, especially in Cote d’Ivoire.
• I leave very happy and at ease to put into practice a community project.

With thanksgiving for your partnership in the Gospel that makes this witness possible,



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