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February flew by for us here in Honduras.  We often take for granted the many miracles we get the privilege to be a part of and witness first hand.  It is always a good exercise for us to slow down and take time to look back and remember all the ways God has worked in our lives and the lives of those around us.  So join us on a brief look back of the month of February.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of patients who received miracles in February is Brian (obviously not his real name, although a great name which hopefully will catch on one day here in Honduras!).  Even though I did not know his name initially I did know why he was at our hospital as word about him spread through the hospital community fairly quickly.  Brian had come to our hospital with a subdural hematoma (bleeding around his brain) and while he had been in stable condition on arrival his condition deteriorated over the course of a few days to the point that he was unable to speak or move half of his body.  The decision was made to have Dr. McKenney perform brain surgery to relieve the pressure the bleed was putting on his brain.  As Brian was waking up from surgery he began moving his previously paralyzed side.  He also began to speak and was alert and oriented to where he was and could even recognize his family in the recovery room.

During this time the son of one of my wound care patients surprised me with a visit and told me that his dad wanted to see me and get his wounds checked out again.  I said of course I would see him but I did not understand why he did not just bring his dad with him.  As soon as he said that his dad had been admitted to our hospital with a head problem the light bulb clicked on in my head and I finally knew who this miraculous patient was.  I had been seeing Brian regularly for months now trying to save his foot from amputation due to diabetic foot wounds.  I had been slowly watching God work a miracle to heal Brian’s foot wounds and now I was seeing God work a rapid miracle to heal his head wound.

Brian’s healing scar after brain surgery

I immediately went over to see my patient and with tears in his eyes, Brian expressed deep appreciation for God and all the workers at Loma de Luz who God used to help make him well.  The last time I saw Brian was in therapy clinic about a week ago after he had been discharged from the hospital and if it wasn’t for his strange haircut you would have no idea that he even had brain surgery.

Another patient that comes to mind is Ben (Just as good of a name as Brian but also not popular here in Honduras).  Ben started to develop mummy foot and had to be hospitalized to help get his diabetes and foot infection under better control.  To everyone, including myself, Ben’s foot was past the point of no return.  Ben however had faith that God would heal his foot and since there was no evidence of worsening infection we told him we would fight for his foot too.

Well here we are almost a month since his hospitalization and although two of his toes are self amputating, the rest of his foot is healing miraculously.  I always tell my patients that we will do everything we can to make them well but more importantly that God is working to make them well.  At every appointment I see God using Ben’s faith to restore a foot that was beyond repair and I can not tell you how humbling and awesome that is.  While God, “at work” does not always mean physical healing, it does always mean changed lives for the good of those he is at work in to the glory of God!

Our mentee showing off some art skills.

A blessing for us that happened in February was that we began mentoring a little girl from our hospital’s children’s center who is currently in 1st grade.  We meet with her weekly and get to do fun activities and encourage her as she grows and learns more about God.  She loves to read and we are enjoying the ability to go over during the week and have her read us a few stories (sometimes we even read to her ; ).  The last book we read was Curious George and having met a few monkeys here in Honduras we can attest to its accuracy.

Alisa and her new friend Snow White.

We were also blessed to have Alisa’s parents, Anne and Greg, visit for a week in February.  They got to experience what life is like for us in Honduras.  While they were here they helped at the hospital and read books to the kids at school.  We even had some time for a little extra fun at an animal sanctuary where we got to hold a sloth (a very therapeutic experience everyone should try).  While March will be no less busy, we are able to find joy and rest in our God who works on our behalf even though we don’t deserve the works of his hands or the results that flow from them.

Alisa’s dad Greg reading to Kinder-gardeners at the bilingual school.


A 11 year old little boy who had a horrific accident on his bike with complications that resulted in his leg having to be amputated.  Please pray that he would find comfort in God and strength to overcome the pain and depression that can go along with such a traumatic accident at such a young age.

A women who recovered from a diabetic induced coma but is now dealing with regaining strength and healing ulcers that developed from her inactivity.  Pray God would strengthen her body and heal her wounds by his power.  If you want to read more about her incredible story click on this link to go to Dr. Isaac Hotz’s blog

A women who has a diabetic foot wounds that has been very difficult to treat.  Pray that God would miraculously heal her foot and strengthen her faith.

That we would be God honoring mentors for our 1st grade mentee.

That God would provide the people we need to continue operating all the ministries here.  We are always in need of medical staff but have an even more urgent need for teachers at the English school next year not to mention the need for a children’s center director.  If you want more info or know of anyone who would be interested in serving please click the link for the cornerstone foundation website.

These two were given to us as a gift by one of Alisa’s patients.  Meet Frida and Diego.


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