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Facing Fear

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A Pandemic and a Panacea

Several people have asked us if coronavirus (COVID-19) has breeched the frontiers of Cote d’Ivoire, especially as major news sources reported the first confirmed case in Nigeria this week. Although a medical case in January in Abidjan was reported as coronavirus, and Ivorians began facing fears, it turned out to be a different respiratory ailment.

That said, one of the reasons we love being part of implementing Community Health Evangelism (CHE) strategies around the world, including in Cote d’Ivoire, is that CHE provides effective means to counter pandemics, to face our fears. A core principle of CHE is that spiritual and physical transformations happen and endure when truths are systematically shared house to house. Resulting changes in behavior change life outcomes. When pandemic threats like Ebola and COVID-19 appear poised to spread without restraint, entire populations must be informed and prepared to act with knowledge that is new to some, a review to others. Communities using CHE to inform household behaviors shine as lights placed upon hills in such circumstances.

Panic or Plan

Almost without exception, it is Christians living within these dangerous situations who have the courage to reach out, help their neighbors, and so demonstrate hope given by the Gospel. Many unbelievers are not willing to take extra risks. Their love fails. Believing and trusting hearts do not faint, or give in even a little to the panic fed by any political agenda. Instead, believers do as they have done throughout the ages when similar situations occurred. We pray; we plan; we equip ourselves to serve during the time of crisis.


Image of corona virus as link to SPHERE care standards

The World Health Organization (WHO) has a short online course for medical personnel to prepare for COVID-19, or other similar outbreaks, in medical facilities. Follow this link to the WHO site for further information. For the many other readers of our news notes, just knowing that familiar products like Lysol limit risk is reassuring.

Prayer & Praise

  • Remember the many who fear COVID-19 around the world. Most have community practices that increase their risk. Pray that Christians will touch them with the Gospel and practical physical bits of help while knowing how to guard their own health (Mt.9:38).
  • Thank the Lord with us for our budgetary cash needs gradually being met, and the wonderful opportunities we now enjoy while interacting with ministry partners. We specifically thank Central Oaks for their special offering this week that will help us return to Cote d’Ivoire!
  • Thank you for having prayed for an Ivorian pastor’s wife who suffered a stroke in 2019. She steadily improves according to reports Debbie received this week. Continue to ask for her complete healing and capacity to handle household and ministry responsibilities.

Your partners in the Gospel,


Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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