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Mistaken Identity

Santa sighting?

Verlin and Debbie at the Anderson Homestead

Verlin has developed quite a fan base recently! We attended a Christmas concert of The Messiah at a church last Saturday. Two small girls saw him with his full beard and red sweater and said to their mom with expectancy, “Santa Claus!” You may recall that a little Ivorian girl came to the same conclusion last August, but these American girls did not seek a photo op! This repeated case of “mistaken identity” is a little ironic, considering we never encouraged our children to participate in the Santa fantasy, and the subject of the first advent shared in the music that night.

Missing Messiah?

The expression of wonder and excitement in the eyes of children during the Christmas season does, however, remind us to be awed. Their expectant hope may be misplaced in a mythical being, but not yours and ours. Remembering the intense fervor and longing of Simeon and Anna in the temple long ago, we also await in advent for Messiah, His second! His presence in our lives, our being prepared to do good works, and the promise of His return all help us to live in a constant state of expectancy. What circumstance might He arrange today for us to encounter someone who needs the Gospel, or a helping hand, or contact with a person we know? Is that stranger sent to encourage our faith or provide for some ministry? As a couple, we do not want to miss our Father’s divine appointments due to mundane preoccupation and holiday busyness.

Marvelous Expectations

Hardly a day passes since our return to the U.S. that we do not see some unexpected connection or provision from an unusual source. While Verlin helped Corbin in Missouri with insurance and vehicle issues, he made providential connections. He bought a dresser at a shop whose owners use the proceeds to support over seventy missionaries worldwide. The owner, so touched by his brief testimony, video-messaged her inner-city-missionary son so the two could meet! Someone hailing from his grandparents’ church in Michigan answered a call to a Missouri pastor as the secretary. A stranger at a restaurant to whom he witnessed needed to encounter another man he’d just met who had started a new church. A Lowe’s employee donated an outside trash can we required; a post office worker contributed a mailing and a gift. Sometimes we are conduits, and sometimes we are receivers of Divine interventions. We have learned to look expectantly for the ways the Lord is at work. We trust He will use us to ignite or renew a sense of wonder in others, who, like us, need to anticipate the second advent of the Messiah during this season.

Prayer & Praise

  • We thank the Lord that Debbie has fully recovered from her respiratory illness.
  • Ask the Lord to make us all very aware of the people and circumstances He brings into our lives for His glory and to advance His Kingdom.
  • Pray for our deputation travel-planning as we travel to Michigan to see family next week.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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