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Decision Valley

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Taste and See
(Psalm 34:8)

While it seems that wrong-doers flourish and unjust causes dominate in our day, let us not forget the “multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision” (Joel 3). The Day of the Lord is coming. He will exercise the fury of His wrath on the unrepentant, with particular severity on those who harm His people and the innocent. Hopefully, this sober reality urges us to plead with everyone within our realm of influence. “Make peace with God while you can,” before the final valley of decision arrives when no choice remains.

Last week Debbie had the great joy of starting a Discovery Bible Study (DBS) in English with four teenage boys in Bondoukou. One young man, A., invited three of his friends to study the Bible with her. They arrived without an appointment, and she dropped her activities to meet with them. After quickly choosing the passage about Jesus calming the stormy sea, she discovered that two of the young men were of another faith. They walked through the DBS process and then posed many questions. One pointed question concerned the difference between Christians and those of another faith—do both groups not just want to serve God? She responded that one significant difference is the way each group views Jesus. For one group, He is one of many prophets; for the other group, He is God Himself. She shared a few words of testimony and encouraged them to practice the DBS process at home by reading through the Gospel of John. She urged them to ask God in prayer to reveal Who Jesus is. Each teen wanted to continue their study. Our closest Ivoirian co-worker has agreed to continue meeting with them during our absence. We expect these spiritually hungry youth to continue in Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) as others in the region have continued. Others make plans to grow their DBS activities. Pray these boys discover Who Jesus is in John and choose Him in their current valley of decision. For security reasons, no pictures were taken.

Come and See
(Psalm 66:5)

Our Ivoirian brother, who spearheads the agricultural project, has faced his own rugged valley of decision in recent months. As president of a local parent-teacher association, he sets goals and signs for the disbursement of funds. He feels used by the Lord to have effectively built school courtyard walls for one-fifth of the estimated prices. Sadly, however, the treasurer refuses to account for funds spent. Hence, M. refuses to sign for more funds to be used until a small audit occurs. The situation was to go before legal authorities this week. Two hours after sharing the news with Verlin, M. was hit by a three-wheel motorcycle delivery cart that broke his arm. It was an unwitnessed ‘hit and run.’ Verlin visited him in the hospital and helped with some expenses the day we left Bondoukou. He undergoes a reparative surgery today. Pray that M. stand stands firm in integrity. Ask the Lord to resolve the funding issue without bribes and for the benefit of the students for whom the parent-teacher organization exists.

Prayer & Praise

  • A last-minute addition to bags  — attieké for Cara!

    • 🙏 Please pray regularly for the four young men who came to the impromptu Discovery Bible Study. Pray that they continue to study who Jesus is with our Ivoirian co-worker during our absence. In their current valley of decision, ask Jesus to reveal Himself to them as Lord.
    • 🙏 Our friend M. suffers from being hit by a motorcycle and from the decision to maintain integrity with joint funds of the local parent-teacher association. Pray for him to remain steadfastly honest and see his arm broken in two places healed quickly. His injury will also cause delays in the agricultural project.
    • 🙏 Our flight to the United States occurs on Monday. Pray for safe travels, smooth airport transitions, and opportunities to influence people in spiritual conversations as we mingle.
Your Partners in the Gospel,

Verlin and Debbie


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