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Preparing to Launch

Preparing to Launch!

I am excited to share with you all that I have officially raised enough support to buy my flight to Mexico!! Thank YOU to all my faithful supporters! I am so honored. Honestly, each name I see pop up on my financial report makes me feel so humbled and yet so supported by wonderful people in my life. I am believing that the Lord will not let you down in your sacrifices. And to the people that are faithfully praying for me, that is even more essential to our success in this mission. So thank you. <3

The last month I have been at Mission Training International (MTI) in Colorado. I learned SO many important things to remember as I cross cultures and learn a new language. The instructors were incredible people with many years of experience in overseas missions. Together they created and implement an invaluable curriculum to hundreds of missionaries each year. The first two weeks are heavy on the technical language acquisition skills while the last two weeks are heavy on the heart stuff (culture, stress, conflict, loss, etc.). I am sure in for many challenging experiences in the months to come! But with the grace of God, I am eager to begin.







Did you know there are over 100 consonants and vowels and English uses less than half of them?? And that doesn’t even include the seemingly endless possibilities of tonal languages!! We spent two weeks in drills learning how to retrain ourselves to have a flexible mouth. The tongue, voice box, and mouth are pretty incredible things when you dive into the world of phonetics and linguistics! Babies even lose the ability to hear differences in some foreign language sounds by 12 months old! Nevertheless, MTI’s superb language program takes the concept of child language acquisition and accelerates it with an adult brain! I feel so much more empowered to learn a new language with these tools! Praise the Lord!



I will have a commissioning service at Church of the Beloved in Chicago on Sunday, October 17. You are all invited to come if you would like to send me off! I would also love to have one more chance to say goodbye. 🙂 Details are below.
Church of the Beloved
Cervantes Institute 31 W Ohio St. (between State and Dearborn)





The next newsletter will be sent to you from Mexico!! In an effort to expedite acculturation and language learning, MTI recommended minimal contact with my home culture the first six months. While I will miss you all, I hope you understand if I seem MIA.


During this time, I would appreciate prayers for the big move, finding a good language helper, my personal health and safety, and the Lord’s sustenance as I adjust to a new culture, community, hospital, and life! Thank you so much!!


On to new adventures and many more sunrises in Mexico!


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