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Crying for Joy to Go to School

All over the world students are returning to classes. Many American students are going reluctantly, dragging their feet, sorry to see the summer end, but here in Ghana, the reaction of students is quite different! This morning at the Alpha AG Church here in Saboba, it was testimony time. One tall young lady came forward in tears. Kneeling on the floor, she sobbed out a song of praise. This young woman had feared she would not be accepted by a good senior secondary school. Now she was crying for joy because her prayers had been answered and she was headed to school. For this young woman, school means a future beyond the village and a chance of a better life, not only for her but also for her family. Please pray for this young woman, that she will do well and learn as much as possible.

The Bible tells the story of Simeon, a righteous old man, who met Joseph and Mary and the Baby Jesus in the temple in Jerusalem. Simeon took Jesus in his arms and prayed, “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word. For my eyes have seen the salvation which thou has prepared…” The beginning of this phrase in Latin is “Nunc dimittis.” The Nunc Dimittis is recited or sung as part of many Christian worship services. This week two of our sponsored doctors came to Saboba to work for a few weeks. Dr. Priscilla Alhassan, daughter of Reverend Alhassan Fuseini, a.k.a. “Big Man,” and Dr. Sammy Kando. We first met Priscilla in 1988, when she was four years old. All through the years Priscilla kept saying that she wanted to become a doctor like her Auntie Jean, and it finally happened. Dr. Priscilla is now through her housemanship, married, and the mother of two little boys. Yesterday Dr. Priscilla did a lovely C/section with Jean as her assistant, a thrill beyond compare for Jean! Dr. Kando began his medical career working in the Theatre in Saboba. Now he is in his housemanship at the Ho Regional Hospital in Ho, Volta Region. After years of working alone, Jean can now rejoice as she sees students whom she has encouraged coming to help. May God continue to multiply our efforts!

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