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Conveniently Inconvenient

Taste and See
(Psalm 34:8)

A rose bloom in our yard reminds us to thank God for other moms we can no longer greet personally.

On this weekend devoted to honoring the essential role of mothers, it is an excellent time to reflect on the thousands of conveniently inconvenient situations our own moms endured and the worries they shouldered for our good. Painful childbirth, sleepless nights, allergy crises, mountains of laundry, thousands of meals, countless prayers, and those frantic runs to the store because we forgot a project due—how precious their love and sacrifices remain even now! We cherish our astounding mothers, Elsie Anderson and Sandra Payne, with enormous gratitude. Our childhoods were bright and filled with numberless blessings because of them.

Similarly, the whole process of our return to the States was full of conveniently inconvenient situations, too. For example, a computer repair mishap closed one door but opened another to plan a CHE training. Although the delays were inconvenient, they conveniently happened before we left. For that, we thank the Lord profusely.

Come and See
(Psalm 66:5)

Three additional conveniently inconvenient surprises providentially happened later in our journey, too. First, because our flight was on Monday, we had to get our COVID testing done on Sunday morning—not good timing in Abidjan. The three-hour wait was very inconvenient, and complaints and sweat-drenched clothes abounded. Conveniently, though, we talked with a lovely, Christian young woman while in line. She is an attorney in the Netherlands and faithful in ministry through Youth with a Mission (YWAM). She grew up in Bondoukou, and the family maintains a large, lovely ancestral home there. No one has lived in the house since the United Nations forces left the area years ago, so the home sits in disuse. Just that week, she and her brother had discussed that something must be done about it. When we mentioned that we are looking for a housing situation where owners will give us a long-term rental contract, she perked up with great interest. We exchanged contacts and will check out the status when we return. The home is in a quieter part of town and much more spacious than our current situation. Whether a rental contract works out or not, we all agreed that our meeting was providential and helped pass the time quickly.

We safely arrived home in Cookeville on Tuesday night after 30 hours of flight or airport waits. The Toyota we drive to Texas Sunday or Monday was repaired with the help of kind friends before our arrival. Debbie was outside when Verlin parked the vehicle after running errands. She saw a small stream of smoke rising from a front tire where brake work had just been done. How kind of the Lord to let us discover this conveniently inconvenient problem before our 10-hour trek to Texas! The same day Verlin found an ant invasion in our main bathroom. This was not a “let’s put out a few ant traps” situation but required a full-scale fogger attack to drive the invaders from inside the walls. Despite the massively inconvenient need to leave the house for hours and the additional laundry labor created, how conveniently the ants revealed their presence for eradication before we disappear for a month!

Prayer & Praise

    • 🙏 Thank the Lord for numerous opportunities to share His truth on our trip. Pray for an uneventful drive to Grand Saline, Texas, where our mission agency’s headquarters is located. Ask for a successful and uncomplicated hernia surgery for Verlin on Friday morning in Dallas.
    • 🙏 220507-Roses2all-the-mothers-resized.jpg We bless the Lord for our Godly mothers who, with our dads, reared us in fear of the Lord!
Your Partners in the Gospel,

Verlin and Debbie


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